Mcgregor vs Alvarez UFC 205 Stats at a glance
Mcgregor vs Alvarez UFC 205 Stats at a glance
Mcgregor vs Alvarez UFC 205 Stats at a glance

November 12, 2016 represents a milestone event in the history of the UFC. After
an unreasonably long campaign against a stubborn athletics commission, a culinary
union and crooked politicians, MMA has finally been granted passage into New York
state, making it one of the biggest sports markets in the world. It took over 10 years to break
through this obstacle, but the wait has been entirely worth it, thanks to an all-star fight
card for UFC 205. Letʼs start from the top down, beginning with Conor McGregor and
Eddie Alvarez.

The Notorious Conor McGregor, aka Money McGregor, aka Mystic Mac, aka the
biggest money maker in the history of MMA, looks to become a two weight class title
holder. If he defeats the hard nosed bruiser from Philly, Eddie Alvarez. This match up is a
lot more realistic for McGregor than his previous fight against Nate Diaz at 170lbs. Fighting at
155lbs is more agreeable to Conorʼs body type and Alvarez is the type of fighter that
McGregor usually has more success against. McGregor predicted a first round KO of
Alvarez at the UFC 205 introductory press conference. Itʼs possible, only if McGregor
follows a few simple steps.

McGregor thrives in these big fights. His counter punching has worked extremely well
against hard hitters like Jose Aldo and Eddie Alvarez, itʼs like hitting a baseball. The pitcher and the
ball do all the work, all you have to do is meet the ball with the bat. In McGregorʼs case,
if he comes into the Alvarez fight with the level of timing and precision we saw against
Aldo and others, all he has to do is wait for Alvarez to commit to a big punch, and meet
his chin with any one of his of punches.

Alvarez is less known to UFC fans, but he is very well known to MMA fans. He was a
superstar in Bellator, capturing the lightweight title twice. He is also the MFC
Welterweight Champion and would have become the Dream promotionʼs
lightweight Grand Prix Champion had it not been for an injury. Die hard fans will always
remember his 2 legendary fights against Michael Chandler for the Bellator lightweight
championship. Watching those fights will show you just how tough of a fighter Alvarez is. Alvarez can
take a serious punch and deliver some serious power of his own. His most recent fight
against former lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos is a prime example of his
durability and ability to deliver power, even when he is taking hard hits. He can change
the tide of an entire fight with one punch.

Alvarez has more fight experience than McGregor, especially in title fight
situations. This experience should help him when the spotlight shines on the two
lightweights at Madison Square Garden. The drawback to all this experience is that
Eddie has been in a lot of wars. His face is a puncherʼs dream because of all the scar
tissue that can be opened up. His Fight of the Year against Kawajiri, for the Dream
Grand Prix is one example. If you havenʼt seen that fight, or any of his fights against
Chandler, please go watch them now.

The second aspect that can lead to a McGregor win is the game plan of Alvarez. He
is training with Mark Henry, who is famous for training Frankie Edgar. Edgarʼs last
outing against Jose Aldo left much to be desired. He changed almost nothing in his
approach to Aldo, which cost him the fight. If Henry and Alvarez donʼt come up with
something creative for the fight against McGregor, Alvarez will have a rough night. They
need to consider Conorʼs counter punching, speed, and his lack of defense on the
ground. Watching Conorʼs first fight against Nate should be on their playlist. Getting
Conor winded before a take down is a significant key to victory. Instead of loading up
on big shots, Alvarez needs to work his way inside by beating Conorʼs body, and
slowing him down with leg kicks. Once Conor loses mobility, a take down is much easier
to score.

Most of Conorʼs fights are won mentally before both fighters meet in the cage.
Conor has an uncanny ability to get inside the heads of his opponents, Jose Aldo is a prime
example. Alvarez is his latest target. Conor correctly stated that Eddie is a wrestler with
a right hand, plain and simple. His strategy for beating him is simple. If Eddie hopes to
win this battle, he must not get sucked into Conorʼs web. If Conor is to make UFC
history, he must be aware of Alvarez’s one punch power at any point in the fight. If Conor is not aware of his power, Alvarez will
leave him staring up at the lights above the canvas, wondering if his shameless self
promotion was worth it.

Written by Ryan Mckinnon

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