Tony Manoharan Muay Thai Seminar at Lanna MMA

Tony Manoharan Muay Thai Seminar at Lanna MMA: January 28th 2016
By Ryan McKinnon

Tony Manoharan Muay Thai Seminar at Lanna MMA
Tony Manoharan Muay Thai Seminar at Lanna MMA

For many people, practicing Muay Thai is a daily activity to relieve stress and
push ourselves to realize our physical potential. It is our escape from our regular
routine. Then there is a small subset of people who chose to take their Muay Thai
training to another level. They are fighters, also known as ʻNak Muaysʼ in a general
translation. They have sacrificed the regular comforts of life that we take for granted to
pursue a higher calling, a burning passion to test themselves through combat. They
submitted themselves to the rigorous lifestyle that breaks down the body, mind and
spirit, and rebuilds each part to create a professional fighter with the mindset to become
a world champion. After their fighting career is over, they usually become our teachers
and coaches. When you get the rare opportunity to meet one of these unique humans, it
is a good idea to listen and observe the knowledge they can impart to you.

Tony Manoharan was born in Sri Lanka and raised in the UAE until his family
moved to Toronto in 1996. While a student at York University, he discovered Muay Thai
and literally never looked back. He trained and fought while balancing a social and
family life, an education, and a job that most people would be more than happy to settle
with. Instead of simply following the easy path, Tony felt a desire to challenge himself. In
February 2014, he eschewed the Western conventions of comfort and career by quitting
his job and traveling the world to pursue his passion for Muay Thai. He lived the kind of
life that people write about. He left behind his family and friends, his students, his
career, and all of his comforts to pursue his passion. Now he is back home, and
prepared to share some of his specialized knowledge with others.

Tony has trained and fought Muay Thai on 4 continents with some of the best fighters and
coaches on earth. You will need Google for this, but please look up John Wayne Parr,
Andy Howson, Liam Harrison, Mark DeLuca and Alex Ricci, to name a few of the people
that Tony has trained with. Some of the proudest moments in his Muay Thai career
arenʼt his wins, but the friendships heʼs made. He had the distinct honour of fighting for
John Wayne Parrʼs promotion, CMT (Caged Muay Thai) under the Boonchu Gym
banner. It wasnʼt the fight itself that meant a lot to him, but the relationship he has
fostered with JWP and his students. Regardless of how many kilometers Tony has put
behind him, he maintains a loyalty to his first coach Thomas Krogh Jensen, one of the
most brilliant minds in Muay Thai, and an integral Muay Thai instructor at Xtreme
Couture in Toronto. Before the seminar, you should definitely Google Tonyʼs name to
watch some of his professional bouts on YouTube to get a sense of his experience and

Thanks to his easy going nature, Tony has been able to open doors for himself,
and keep them open. His good nature has now become your good fortune. Without
leaving your postal code, you can soak in over 10 years of battle tested Muay Thai
knowledge from one of the greatest ambassadors of the sport in Canada.

Because of his professional Muay Thai experience, Tony will be sharing some of his most
high percentage Muay Thai techniques in the areas of counter fighting, feints and setups, evasive
defense, clinch, and maintaining correct balance while transitioning between techniques
and clinch. This is a once in a lifetime Muay Thai seminar that you wonʼt want to miss.

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