Being a part of something greater than me has changed my life forever. I find, as human beings, we are always trying to belong and fit in. I am by no means a doctor, neither have I studied psychology or human behavior; I just want to speak on how I feel.

First let’s talk about what belonging really means. The word belonging comes from the root to belong. There are many ways to use the word and many meanings but the one I like the most is be a member of. Have you ever wanted to be a member of something or a part of something? A sports team, a prestigious club or even something as simple as a night out on the town with friends. For some reason, at least to me, it feels nice to be involved.

Now that I talked a little bit about what belonging means to me, I want to talk about my experiences. I have always found it hard to fit in while growing up. I always found a reason why I couldn’t do things or why I didn’t want to be part of certain groups. I was too big, too small, too tired, too far and the list goes on. I moved from place to place, club to club and was never really satisfied. I knew I liked Martial Arts but I found reasons not to do them.

When I finally decided to change my life because I wanted to start being more active and healthier, I found a martial arts academy near my home. Even after trying to make excuses I couldn’t. I lived nearby, the schedule worked with my work schedule and for the price, I couldn’t beat it. So me and my wife went in and tried it. The class wasn’t easy but we fell in love with it right away. Fast forward almost 3 years later; I am now managing the entire business.

Now, because of all my experiences when I was younger, when I’m in Lanna MMA I try and make everyone feel welcome and try to make this one big family. Families grow together and push each other to greatness and that is what I want to do for all my existing members and all the families we still haven’t met yet. If you have ever heard me speak to a new comer, I will always end by saying “Welcome to the Team” because belonging to Team Lanna is the first step to feeling great and achieving greatness.

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