Stephen Strotmeyer Muay Thai Seminar at Lanna MMA

Stephen Strotmeyer PhD Muay Thai  Seminar at Lanna MMA

Saturday April 8th, 2017 at 1pm! Only $20!

By Ryan McKinnon
Stephen Strotmeyer Muay Thai Seminar at Lanna MMA
Stephen Strotmeyer Muay Thai Seminar at Lanna MMA

I love Muay Thai. It is practical, yet complex. Playful, yet punishing. I have spent
almost 10 years learning and applying the sport. The more I learn, the more I realize
how much I have to learn. For some people, this is disheartening. But thatʼs a matter of
perspective. For as long as youʼre on this earth, youʼll never answer every question. The
best you can do is pursue the answers that mean the most to you. The same goes for
Muay Thai, and all martial arts for that matter. We will never be perfect. Thatʼs not the
point. As the old cliche states, “The journey is more important than the destination.” In
the spirit of that quote, please come out to Lanna on Saturday April 8th, 2017 for
Stephen Strotmeyerʼs seminar as part of your journey to becoming a better Muay Thai
Stephen has dedicated his life to Muay Thai, both in and out of the gym. He is
the head instructor of Pittsburgh Muay Thai, and has published his PhD thesis on the
epidemiology of Muay Thai related injuries. He is a Muay Thai philosopher, former
fighter, and trainer of fighters. He knows his craft, and continues to sharpen his skills
each day. You can look him up online, listen to interviews with him, and watch video.
He has real world experience to share with students of any skill level. The major
focus of the seminar this weekend is clinching and infighting, two aspects of Muay Thai
that go largely ignored. Many of us love smashing pads, and thatʼs awesome. There is
nothing like the crack of leather from a swing kick, or the heavy thud of a well placed
knee. But hitting pads is a very small part of our training.
Clinching is a big part of Muay Thaiʼs identity. Fights can be won with superior
clinch, and IQ of the clinch. If youʼre not clinching, youʼre not doing Muay Thai. The
same goes for infighting and the use of elbows, which is especially important against
taller fighters who utilize their reach well. When we spar or clinch with a taller fighter,
sometimes we get stuck at the end of their jab or teep, and begin to lose confidence in
our abilities. If their clinch game is strong, weʼre basically screwed at both ranges. This
seminar will be a great experience for fighters who want to level up their game.
Stephen Strotmeyer has dedicated his life and work to learning this beautiful
martial art, and he wants to share some of his knowledge with us. Please take some
time on Saturday to join your Lanna MMA family for a seminar that you wonʼt forget. It
will enhance your sparring and your overall knowledge of the sport on your journey to
becoming a better martial artist.

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