Two weeks back I taught a course called “Stress Rescue”.  It was a course that was handed down to me during teacher’s academy at the Modern Mystery School.   The course is designed to help you identify the stresses you have in your life by asking specific questions and then provides you tools to help you relieve these stresses.  The course was so incredible that I decided to write about my experience teaching it. Teaching this course gave me a perspective that was different than being a student. It reminded me of my martial arts career.  I really started to understand Muay Thai so much more when I started teaching it.  I understood distance and angles better, and really had an opportunity to break down the intricacies of each technique in order to communicate it to my students. It was no different with the “Stress Rescue” course.  I hope that in the next few paragraphs I will provide you some insight into stress and how it affects our success.

One of the most incredible discoveries for me, while teaching and asking questions to students after the class, was how many people are scared of success. I never realized that so many people are truly scared of success and for the most part, the reason was because of the responsibility that they associated with success.

Stress comes from energy that has not been dealt with and from not making decisions in our lives.  We are afraid of the unknown and are reluctant to make decisions for fear of the outcome.  Fear the acronym for False Expectations Appear Real.  It stops us dead in our tracks or makes us run away. When we don’t deal with our stress it can multiple into many stresses. These stresses can manifest in our lives in different ways causing us problems mentally, emotional and have an impact on our productivity.

Once we understand stress and where it stems from we can use tools to help us relieve these stresses.  Of course I won’t share that with you here you will have to take my course to receive them J.  What I can tell you is that the stress rescue class has 9 techniques that can help you with stress.

In the past, I have written about meditation and it advantages, well be rest assured that it definitely helps with reliving stress.  What most people are not aware of is that there are so many forms of meditation and one that we practice here at Lanna. It is called Chi Do and is a moving form of meditation and helps with increasing positive life force energy.

My mission statement this year has been to provide people with tools to help them become the grandest versions of themselves.  The stress rescue course is exactly one of these courses that give you tools to achieve exactly that.  We all know that life has its challenges and not everything is going to go smooth.  The challenge for most of us is to embrace these challenging times having faith that they came into our lives for a reason or reasons.  Maybe we needed to learn something or maybe we needed to let something go that was not serving us anymore.  Having tools to calm you and to relieve stress gives you the clarity to be able to better understand the challenge.

I hope that this short blog resonated with some of you and motivates you to learn more about stress, the effects it has on us and how we can get rid of it fast.  Keep an eye out for upcoming classes, courses/seminars because I promise you they will help you.

Love and Light

Kru Mel

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