Sport Psychology Seminar at Lanna MMA

A Sport Psychology Seminar at Lanna MMA: Pre-Performance Routines
By Ryan McKinnon

Sport Psychology Seminar at Lanna MMA
Robert Beer’s Sport Psychology Seminar at Lanna MMA


  • Learn to develop pre-performance routines that will lead you to success
  • Develop mental coaching techniques during training and competition preparation
  • Sharpen skills to deal with pre-competition jitters

Regardless of the sport in question, every amateur and professional athlete has a special pre-performance routine that they employ before and on competition day. This scientific approach to developing an athlete’s mind is much more than pre-game ‘rituals’ or ‘superstitions’. There are proven methods that work for every level of athlete in a wide range of sports, which are being made available to you through this very special event.

Lanna MMA is hosting an important seminar for athletes and coaches on Saturday November 17th, 2018, at 1:30pm. The seminar will be led by sport psychology specialist Robert Beer. To attend, a $20 donation is required. All of the proceeds will go directly to an upcoming at-risk-youth initiative led by Muaythai Ontario.

Sport Psychologist Robert Beer, of
Sport Psychologist Robert Beer, of

Robert Beer is a mental performance consultant. He is the CEO & Founder of Mindset First: Sport Psychology. You can find him online at Robert holds a Masters Degree in Sport & Exercise Psychology, and draws upon his real world experience as a former semi-pro tennis athlete to deliver a one-of-a-kind seminar to the muaythai athletes and coaches of Ontario.

“The seminar will look at putting in place pre-performance routines. We will talk about their importance, their use, how we use them, why we use them, when to use them, and how to effectively create and develop an effective pre-performance routine.”

“I am extremely excited to put this seminar together for the community. I hope everyone will enjoy what I have to share,” says Beer, who already works with athletes in the kickboxing and Muaythai community, within a wide range of ages. Beer wants to share a 7 step process with attendees that he’s developed, to help improve their mental game, thereby giving themselves an extra edge in their athletic careers.

Not only is this seminar valuable to athletes, but it has a lot to teach coaches as well. As coaches, sometimes a lot of the psychological & emotional health of their athletes can be placed on them. When an athlete is struggling, sometimes a coach will accept an undue amount of responsibility for their athlete’s lack of success, and go in search of alternate solutions. This seminar will prove useful by teaching both the athlete and coach that part of a winning formula involves the creation of an individualized pre-performance routine, that, once established by the athlete, can then be monitored by the coaching staff, while making small adjustments throughout the athlete’s career.

Robert Beer’s seminar offers everyone the chance to ask informed questions, and contribute to the conversation about the science of the mind as it pertains to competition through sport. We highly recommend Robert Beer, and encourage all those who can make the time to attend, to do so. This unique seminar is unlike anything you may have experienced to date.

See you on November 17th!

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Written by Ryan McKinnon, Lanna MMA Team Member and host of The Bloody Ballet podcast, a weekly Muay Thai show that can be found at The Bloody Ballet 

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