Lanna MMA was delighted to host a seminar with one of the most famous foreign Muay Thai fighters, Jean Charles Skarbowsky. In this clip JCS goes over avoiding a high kick by transferring your weight backwards.
Kru Jean Charles has become famous recently as one of George St Pierre’s striking coaches and many may recognize him from his appearance on the ultimate fighter, where he effortlessly schooled all of GSP’s team members, in the art of Muay Thai. As a fighter Jean Charles is known as one of the best foreigners to ever fight in Thailand. He has fought legends of the sport including Buakaw, John Wayne Parr, and Lamsongkram Chuwattana. A good friend of Lanna MMA, Kru Jean Charles has been by the school several times to teach classes, seminars, and help corner fighters. Some of Jean Charles many competitive accomplishments include:

2006 N°1 Rajadamnern Stadium
2005 N°4 Rajadamnern Stadium
2003 N°1 Rajadamnern Stadium
2002 Winner Superbout Kings Cup
2000 I.S.K.A. Muaythai World champion (65 kg)
1999 Winner Kings Cup
1995-1996 3-times European Muay Thai champion
1995 French Muay Thai champion

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