Muay Thai Ontario "We "Are Muay Thai"

Muay Thai Ontario Annual Meeting
By Ryan McKinnon

Muay Thai Ontario "We "Are Muay Thai"
Muay Thai Ontario “We Are Muay Thai”

Just over one month ago, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) granted
IFMA (International Federation of Muay Thai Amateur) provisional recognition. Last Sunday, Muay
Thai Ontario held itʼs annual general meeting at York Muay Thai in Toronto Ontario to discuss the
exciting year ahead for a sport that has had deep roots in the province for decades.

In attendance were some of the pioneers of Muay Thai in Ontario. The meeting
offered everyone a chance to show face and be a part of an open conversation that will
give Muay Thai a chance to grow in the province. Ajahn Suchart, a world leading expert
in the art of Muay Thai, and the true founder of Muay Thai in Ontario was in attendance,
and said a few words that truly encompass what the meeting was all about. His main
point was that it will take the efforts and strength of everyone in the room, and the
community at large to take the sport to the next level. We have finally been granted
recognition in the province and on an international level. It is everyoneʼs responsibility to
stick together as 1 family under the banner of Muay Thai to ensure that the sport has a
bright future without setbacks.

Some rule changes and amendments were discussed on Sunday, and are now in effect. Some older
rules were also reiterated. While there were many details and issues discussed, here are some
of the main points I took away from the meeting:

1. 30 days notice must be provided to the Ministry for events. No last minute

2. A promoterʼs fight card must be submitted to MTO 3 weeks prior to the fight in order
for officials to research the fightersʼ backgrounds.

3. ʻDemosʼ (demonstration fights) count as part of a fighterʼs record. This includes
kickboxing and boxing.

4. Fighterʼs may receive a 30 day suspension for providing inaccurate information.

5. Open class has gone from 25 to 20 fights. Open class means no shin guards, no
head gear, and 10oz gloves.

6. Open class is no longer 4×3 minute rounds. It is now 3×3 minute rounds.

7. Blood work and medicals are mandatory for any athlete over 16 years old, and are
good for 1 year.

There is still a grey area with respect to Demos. Meetings between MTO and the
Ministry will occur over the next few months to talk about the regulation of
demonstration events. One can expect that Demos will be overseen by the MTO, and
will eventually require the attendance of an MTO official at demonstration events.

The annual meeting was a great step forward in providing information to the
public about where the sport is going in the next year. A big thanks to Kru Jen, Kru
Brian, and Mike Reid for their tireless efforts as board members of MTO. For more
information on rules and regs, you can visit
The year ahead looks bright for Muay Thai in Ontario.

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