19 year old Female muay thai kickboxing fighter Brenda standing with her trophy and 3 coaches in the ring after winning her fight at the Mitsubishi Cup 2

Lanna Muay Thai Fighters Have Successful Performance at at Mitsubishi Cup 2

This past Saturday July 8th the Lanna MMA Team Traveled East of our home in North York / Vaughan to Ajax to participate in Pound for Pound’s Mitsubishi Cup 2: Clash of the Titans Muay Thai Kickboxing event. This card sanctioned by Muay Thai Ontario featured 2 of Lanna MMA’s youngest Muay Thai Kickboxing fighters, 19 year old Brenda ʻEl Gauchoʼ Vargas out of North York Ontario and ‘Old Man’ 17 year old Omid Youssufi out of North York Ontario. Both of the Lanna MMA fighters showed great heart, intensity, skill, and class in their Muay Thai Kickboxing fights!

Brenda ʻEl Gauchoʼ Vargas:

19 year old Female muay thai kickboxing fighter Brenda standing with her trophy and 3 coaches in the ring after winning her fight at the Mitsubishi Cup 2
Brenda with her coaching team after winning her Muay Thai Kickboxing fight

Brenda coming out of North York’s match up was the first fight on the card and kicked the night off with a bang! Brenda was coming off her first loss at the Thai Boxing Association Classic World Muay Thai Expo and was hungry fo redemption. Brenda Vargas was matched up with Ala Osroff from Bazooka Kickboxing out of Scarborough Ontario. Ala’s coach Joseph Valtellini is a famous professional Kickboxing fighter and 2014 Glory Middleweight Champion. Knowing his well refined kickboxing style of hands into leg kicks and countering with leg kicks, Brenda implemented a game plan of pushing forward hard, striking first, and circling to the right to land her famous southpaw cross and negate the leg kick of her orthodox opponent. Brenda implemented this for all 3 rounds, pushing the pace with her Boxing and staying in Alas face, not giving her time or space to look for the counter leg kicks. Brenda landed her patented lead hook, left cross, at will often snapping back the head of her opponent. Brenda also showed great ringmanship, often cutting off the ring and trapping her opponent on the ropes. Ala stayed competitive the entire fight keeping Brenda on her toes and reminding Brenda the importance of striking first when Brenda did relax. Brenda improves her Muay Thai record to 3-1.

‘Old Man’ Omid Youssufi:

17 year old Omid with his 2 coaches and a team mate, all in Lanna gear, posing after Omids Muay Thai Kickboxing fight
Omid with his 2 coaches and team mate after losing a split decision in his first Muay Thai Kickboxing fight

Omid out of North York fought fourth on the card. Omid is relative new comer to the sport of Muay Thai Kickboxing having just started training in November. Since his first  demo fight on February 10th, Omid has been very active in demos. Coming off of five successful demos, it was finally time for Omid’s first sanctioned Muay Thai Kickboxing fight. Due to there not being any 16-17 year olds for him to compete against, we decided to upgrade him into the Adult division of Muay Thai Ontario. In his first B Class sanctioned Muay Thai Kickboxing fight, he battled Marten Ngo from Siam No in Toronto. Knowing of Siam No. 1’s famous countering and clinching style, Omid’s game plan was to strike first with hard hands to set up his kicks and knees, pushing the pace to not give his opponent time to counter and working his long guard to not allow his opponent into the clinch. Omid put on a very technical performance, landing brutal leg kicks, hard combinations and stong counters. He used his long guard to stay out of the clinch and used hard effective hands to set up his leg kicks, body kicks, and head kicks. Martin pushed back being very busy with his hands into kicks combinations. After a close three rounds, the fight was left in the hands of the judges. Unfortunately while Omid stayed competitive, his opponent’s volume combos and output allowed Martin to take the split decision victory. In our opinion this was one of the most technical and exciting fights of the night as both Muay Thai Kickboxing athletes displayed beautiful, technique, balance, and grace in their attacks, defense, and counters.  We are very proud of Omid in his first sanctioned fight and are confident he will come back even stronger in his next Muay Thai Kickboxing sanctioned fight.





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