Lanna MMA Muay Thai Fights

York Muay Thai Demos on Saturday May 27th, 2017: Andrea and Omid
By Ryan McKinnon

Lanna MMA Muay Thai Fights
11 year old Andrea of Lanna MMA After His 4th Muay Thai Demo Fight

Last Saturday Lanna MMA headed east on Steeles Avenue to attend York Muay
Thaiʼs Night of Demonstration Fights. As always, Kru Jen and her hardworking team
welcomed us into their home warmly, and hosted another outstanding event. 16 fights
were held on the card, along with a panel of talented Muay Thai female singers to
entertain the crowd during intermission. Vendors from the GTA sold merchandise and
food, and Kru Jenʼs famous cookies were being passed around during the evening. The
only thing sweeter than her cookies was watching Andrea and Omid represent the
Lanna brand of Muay Thai with technical precision and focus.

Andrea, the 68-lbs ball of happiness and energy, fought fourth on the card.
Andrea is one of the most talented athletes in Lannaʼs growing youth program. He has
been very active recently, participating in Kru Crawleyʼs event last month, and
Southsideʼs TBA fundraiser only a few weeks prior. He played in a hockey tournament
earlier on Saturday. Most kids go home and play video games. But not Andrea. He
showed up to York ready to work hard and entertain the fans. One of the greatest
compliments Andrea received was how well he listened to his coaches, Kru Jordan and
Tyler McKinnon. He did a great job using his footwork to create dominant angles of
attack, and his clinch was excellent! Andrea made his coaches very proud, and all of the
fans said they canʼt wait to see him in the ring again. Good work Andrea!!!

Omid from Lanna MMA Muay Thai Demo Fight
16 Year Old Omid of Lanna MMA after his 4th Muay Thai Demo Fight

Omid Youssufi fought 13th on the York Muay Thai demo fight card, but it had the energy of a main
event. Like Andrea, Omid has also been very active recently. A few weeks prior, Omid
impressed the audience at Southside with his explosive counter fighting and mix of
technique against a seasoned amateur Nak Muay from Siam No. 1.

Omid came into the demo on Saturday determined to improve upon his last
performance at Southside. Taking on a shorter, stockier southpaw from North Training
Academy, Omid had to make adjustments immediately to deal with his opponentʼs
unorthodox fighting style. His opponent was unprepared for the Muay Thai clinch, which
Omid exploited at every opportunity. When the pressure was on, Omid was able to stay
focused and implement his game plan against an opponent that consistently tried to
take him out of his comfort zone.

One of the most incredible things Omid did that night was stay calm and focused,
trust his Muay Thai, and trust his coaches advice. After round 1, Omid ran away with the
fight, scoring as many as 3 standing 8 counts. His knees were perfectly placed, his
technique was pinpoint, and his determination was unbreakable. Once again, every
single coach, fan, and fighter approached the Lanna coaching staff to share their
compliments with Omidʼs performance. What he did isnʼt easy for a young fighter. He
demonstrated that he is a leader, and can hang in situations that would break most

The eyes of the local Muay Thai community are fixed on Lanna MMA. Our
fighters have been absolutely killing it at events recently. This is all thanks to the hard
work of Kru Jordan and every instructor in the school who are committed to getting the
best out of each athlete, and to the fighters who have bought into the competition team
program, showing up each day to work their hardest. With the provincials only two
weeks away, and the TBAs in late June, Lanna MMA is positioned to bring home some
serious hardware before the halfway point of 2017.

A big thank you to Kru Jen and the York Muay Thai family for hosting an
outstanding event, and to everyone who came out to support their Lanna fighters.
Please schedule time on June 10th to attend the Provincial tournament at Woodbine,
and cheer on your fighters. 2017 is shaping up to be the most successful year in
Lannaʼs 10 year history. We are all excited for what the future holds.

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