Welcome to Lanna MMA, a school dedicated to giving citizens in and around Vaughan a quality mixed martial arts experience!

Established in 2005, Lanna MMA is one of the longest running schools devoted to teaching kids and adults in Muay Thai, kickboxing, boxing, no-gi grappling, strength and conditioning, and circuit training.

We are a curriculum based school which was developed by owner, Kru Jordan Kravitz and his instructor, Ajahn Jovan Stojanovsky who is credited as the foreign fighter with the most Muay Thai fights in history!

Here at Lanna MMA we believe that Muay Thai is for everyone which is why we offer classes 7 days a week which cater to members of all levels. No matter your goals, our staff and student body will help you achieve them. Do you want to get fit? Do you want to learn some self-Defense? Maybe you would like to compete. In any case, our staff and instructors will help guide you along your path and reach your goal so come and try your free class today!