Stress word bubble with stress in the middle and different words relating to stress like pressure, strain, feeling, etc.

Stress and Martial Arts

Stress word bubble with stress in the middle and different words relating to stress like pressure, strain, feeling, etc.

Stress happens to all of us at some point during the course of our lives. It can come from anywhere from work to strained relationships, friendships and even family problems. Stress can come in many different forms and our bodies can have very real responses to stress. The good news is, exercise is one of the best forms of stress relief! Any martial art such as muay thai kickboxing, boxing, bjj etc. will work wonders for both your mental and physical health. Here are a few positive ways a martial art will help reduce your stress:

Martial Give an Endorphin Boost

The simplest and best way to relieve stress is to get some exercise! When your heart rate gets going and you are exercising your body releases endorphins. These are your brains “I feel good” neurotransmitters and tells your body to feel amazing. This is also why after exercise many of us often do feel amazing! Endorphins also allow you to sleep better and to just be overall happier.

Martial Arts Helps Focus

Practicing a martial art allows you to truly focus on yourself. This focus is what helps clear your mind when you are stressed out. Also, martial arts require you to often focus on a specific body movement, or breathing pattern which is a very similar response you would have when meditating or practicing yoga – activities that are proven to reduce stress. Another benefit, is that martial arts allows you to forget all of your problems for the time you are training. You will often find yourself becoming completely immersed in your class and forgetting the bad day you might have had before it.

Martial Arts Helps with Discipline and Decision Making

A lot of our stress comes from our inability to make confident decisions. Think about how many times this fear has come over you in the workplace or school. You are scared to ask for a raise, therefore you stress about it. You are worried you didn’t do too well on that test, therefor you stress about it. Martial arts allow you to make decisions confidently under pressure. When fighting or landing a quick combination you don’t have time to worry about what move might be best. These decisions are often instinctual. If someone tries to throw a jab to your face, you’ll move. This instinct is gained from the discipline encouraged in training. When you train to make great “fight or flight” decisions, then you will be able to make them without a worry in the world.

Martial Arts is a Great Physical Release of Stress

What better way to relieve stress than hit some pads for an hour or so? For those of you who often suffer from anger due to their stress, this is a perfect activity for you. Martial arts allows you to really release this stress in a physical way in a very safe and controlled environment. The physical release of punching, kicking, elbowing, kneeing, rolling etc. works wonders for stress! This combined with all the other stress relievers will make you feel amazing after a good class.

Ultimately, martial arts can truly make an impact on the stress levels you might face. The true purpose of any martial art is to be both a physical and mental warrior. This will train all of your coping mechanics against stress such as decision making, fear, confidence, anger and will also make you feel good while doing it! If you haven’t already try out a class today and really see how martial arts can change your life.

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