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March break is almost here! While school helps enforce new lessons and learning along with new teachers and concepts; after-school activities can be extremely beneficial in reinforcing the tools that children and youth will use throughout their school year. Consider enrolling your child/children in our March Break as a perfect extra-curricular activity while school is out. Here’s why:

Improves listening skills

Just like a school classroom, a martial arts classroom is no different. Your trainer, Kru, or instructor is just like your school teacher – showing you new concepts, techniques and applications. The first part in learning something new in any category is listening. Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, Muay Thai, and BJJ require a good set of listening skills in order to execute techniques and combinations properly. By working on these listening skills, your child will inevitably become more focused and attentive in school. This is something that always transfers over very well in the classroom.

Practice working with a team

Many people think that various martial arts are a solo sport. When in fact, the teamwork involved in boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA and BJJ is extremely prevalent. All of these martial arts require at least one other person to work with, like a pad-holder or your trainer. Often times, classes will incorporate group and partner activities to help improve a technique or movement. Learning to adapt with a new partner or group is key in martial arts and in a school setting. You won’t always be paired up with someone you like, or someone who is at the same level as you (in any way). However, this adapting process is crucial is a child’s development across all boards.

Discipline and perseverance

All martial arts require an adequate amount of self-discipline. It starts from being able to focus on what the instructor is teaching and using those directions to work through the class. This along with coming to class with a uniform, and respecting the school’s rules and traditions will translate into other areas of life, especially school. In terms of perseverance, not everything will come easy all the time in martial arts (or in school). In any martial art, we are expected to fail before succeeding. This will actually help your child in times where a concept in school might be difficult to understand, or if they do bad on a test. Martial arts teaches your kids to keep going despite a failure, big or small.

Respect for authority figures

A martial arts gym mimics a school so similarly. There are senior and junior students, Krus (like principals), and instructors (like teachers). Almost all martial arts schools operate within this hierarchy. In a martial arts school, all students learn to not only trust their superiors, but respect them. An example of this in Muay Thai is the “wai.” This is a bow to our superiors out of respect before and after classes and as a general greeting. Respect for authority is engrained in the culture and this translates extremely well in a classroom and school setting where there are many authority figures.

As you can see there are many benefits in enrolling your children in a martial arts program with many skills being transferable into a school setting. Extra-curricular activities are extremely important to a child’s growth and socialization. Choosing an activity that complements what your child is already doing in school is extremely beneficial!

Feel free to come in and try it out! Enroll your child in a free trial by clicking here or contact us to enrol your child/children in our March Break Camp!

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