It was just over 2 months ago that 15 eager individuals decided to take part in the Lanna MMA 8 week challenge. As I stood in front of them explaining how it will work I saw the dedication and commitment in their eyes and I knew that if they manage to stick to the program that it will change their lives.

The first few weeks were grueling and some had a hard time adjusting to the eating regiment and others the training but they all were committed to the program and stayed the course. By the second month some had lessened their commitment and others were excelling and seeing some changes, by the end of the 8 weeks  I was impressed by so many of our 8 week challenge members, however we could only have one winner.

Alex Panta, who is the father of one of our students, was the winner of the Lanna MMA 8 week challenge. He ended the challenge with more determination than when we began it. He lost an incredible 30 plus pounds and has continued to work towards his goal. Alex says “Coming into the challenge weighing in at 189lbs and coming out winning at 157lbs. I am truly grateful and honored to be around such wonderful blessed people at team Lanna “.  It was amazing to see this young man work diligently towards his goal of getting back in shape and with each day he got closer to attaining it. He managed to stick to the regiment we laid out for him and he even followed the meal plan made by our resident nutritionist Hanif Sheikh….though he says he did cheat one day.  His hard work and determination earned him a 6 month membership at Lanna MMA along with 6 months of nutritional consulting, but the most valuable thing he earned was his health. Since the challenge Alex has continued to work hard and has even lost more weight and added some lean muscle. He is committed to his new healthy lifestyle and is working towards even competing in a Lanna MMA Inhouse demo. It really is amazing how your life can change so much in just 8 short weeks and Alex is an example of that and he said “All you have to do is believe in yourself and take that first step, surround yourself with positive vibes, never quit and you can achieve anything. Once again thanks to everybody at team Lanna MMA for making this possible”.

So for all of you who are reading this and want to make changes in your own life I urge you to join us at the Lanna MMA challenge party happening August 12th 2014. This will be the beginning of a new challenge program we are hosting at Lanna MMA and you won’t want to miss it!

Lanna MMA 8 week challenge winner

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