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Lanna MMA Fighter Of The Week Burklerk Pinsinchai

Burklerk Pinsinchai at his school in Lampang
Burklerk Pinsinchai at his school in Lampang

Born on June 30, 1966 in northeast Thailand, Surchai Yindichani began boxing under the tutelage of his father at the age of 9. By the time he was 12 he was fighting for the legendary Asawindum/Pinsinchai Camp in Bangkok, led by Police General Sawake Pinsinchai. The gym has long held a reputation of being hardcore, even by Thai standards, and didn’t open its doors to foreigners until 2010. It was here, amongst a stable of world champions with the task master Pincsinchai at the helm where Burklerk would adopt his beautiful style of boxing that has earned him a place amongst the top 10 greatest Muay Thai boxers of all time.

Known as a Muay Femur, Burklerk belongs to the category of boxer who exemplifies the beauty of Muay Thai. He had tremendous footwork, balance, and timing; all of the characteristics that define a Muay Femur. This style contrasts with some of Lanna MMA’s previous Fighter of The Week boxers like Anuwat and Dekkers, who are known as ‘Muay Mat’ fighters, meaning they rely on aggression and power to win fights.

Observing the way Burklerk moves is like watching a cat dance on hot coals. Even today at the age of 52, he still moves with a gracefulness that you’re more likely to find in a dance studio. It was this particular footwork and balance that led him to enjoying an extremely successful career while staying relatively injury free. If you look at his face, you would have a hard time believing that he was a multiple time world champion during the Golden Era of Muay Thai, because his face bears no scars. However he will admit that during one of his 4 legendary fights against Veeraphol Sahaprom, he had his nose broken by the WBC Bantamweight World Champion.

Burklerk retired in 1997 with a record of 162 wins and 8 losses, all of which he avenged. Here is a short list of some of his accomplishments:

1983: Rajadamnern Stadium, defeats Warunee Sor Pleonchit to become Thailand champion

1984: Lumpinee Stadium, defeats Chuthong Silapakon to become champion

1986: Lumpinee Stadium, defeats Otnoi Lookprabat at 112lbs

1987: Lumpinee Stadium, defeats Kwayrong Sit Samtahan, at 112lbs

He was also awarded ‘Fight of The Year’ honours in Lumpinee Stadium, and ‘Yod Muay’ (Fighter of The Year)

Muay Thai Professor

Burklerk Pinsinchai Seminar at Milton Muaythai 2017
Burklerk Pinsinchai Seminar at Milton Muaythai 2017

Not only is Burklerk considered to be a highly skilled technician, he is known worldwide as a brilliant and natural teacher. In 2010 Burklerk was awarded ‘Best Ambassador of Muaythai’ for his promotion of the art internationally. He continues to travel the world, teaching seminars in Canada, USA, France, Holland, Germany, Australia and more. He also loves teaching international students at his school in Lampang, about 50km outside of Chiang Mai.

Here is a video of a seminar hosted by Lanna Muay Thai in 2010 with Burklerk Pinsinchai


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