At Lanna all of our full time, part time and assistant instructors are highly trained athletes that have dedicated their lives to the Martial Arts. Some of our teachers have competed in the past and some are currently representing our school at both the amateur and professional level of Muay Thai. Our staff of teachers are constantly learning and upgrading their skills through seminars, and courses. Many of our instructors have travelled around the world including Thailand, Brazil, California, NYC, and France to train with some of the best Martial Artists in the world. We also have seminars, workshops and guest teachers that come to visit us every year.

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Kru Jordan Kravitz


Fitness and Martial Arts have been a part of Jordan’s life from a young age. At age 14 weighing 185 lbs and standing at only 5 foot 3, Jordan decided it was time to become active and make some lifestyle changes. He signed up for his first martial arts class and never looked back. Twelve years later martial arts, fitness, and helping people change their life has become his passion. Jordan has experience in several different styles of Muay Thai having taught at 4 different reputable Muay Thai and MMA schools in the GTA and his passion and charisma when teaching Muay Thai is contagious. Jordan was awarded his Kru title in 2016 by his long time instructor Ajahn Jovan Stojanovsky who holds the world record for foreigner with the most fights in Thailand (approx 126 fights in Thailand). With competitive Muay Thai experience, over 12 years of martial arts experience, and 6 months of full time living/training in Thailand, Jordan is definitely the Coach help keep your technique sharp and your motivation high!

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David Mirabelli


“Martial Arts has been a part of my life since the age of four. It played a powerful role in the person that I am today and as such I believe that it can be used to shape the future of younger generations. It is our responsibility to teach today’s youth about strong work ethic, respect, self defense and confidence, especially during their developmental stages where they are so impressionable.”

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Antoinette Mangano Brillinger


Also known as Sargent Slaughter, due to her intense workout classes, Antoinette is a fitness enthusiast with years of experience. She has been part of Lanna MMA for more than 10 years now and has been key to success of our weight loss programs.

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Favio Monico Galo


An undefeated active fighter, Favio brings his vast experience to his boxing classes. Known for his incredible personal work ethic and relentless workouts, Favio gives the same 100% dedication to his students.

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Chrisoneil Paharsingh


Chris is a patient, calm and passionate instructor, just the qualities you look for in a jiu-jitsu instructor. Chris participates in bjj tournaments regularly and is always in the know for bringing in new techniques to teach at Lanna to both kids and adult.

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