Khai wins gold at the Canadian Muaythai Championships

Lanna Athletes Represent at the Canadian Muaythai Championships
By Ryan McKinnon

Victoria wins gold at the Canadian Muaythai Championships
Victoria wins gold at the Canadian Muaythai Championships

     From October 19th to the 21st, Muaythai Canada hosted its third annual national championships at the Markham Pan Am Center. Athletes from across Canada made the trip to battle on Ontario soil against the best competition our great country has to offer.

Lanna had 3 fighters enrolled in this year’s tournament. Khai Chhean-Liwag took on a tough competitor in Ryan Jackson from Fifth Round in the male junior 14-15 ‘C’ class division at 112 lbs. This bout was a great test of Khai’s skills, and he demonstrated not only his continued progress in the Lanna system of striking, but he showed real heart as well. Going into the third round, Khai had won the first round, Jackson taking the second. The third round was a test of wills; who wanted the win more than the other.
Throughout the fight, Khai showed that he wanted to use his quick kicks to score points, along with some boxing combinations. Whenever it overwhelmed Jackson, he would immediately engage in the clinch with Khai, who did quite well in that realm, outscoring Khai in many of the clinch exchanges.
When it was all said and done, Khai came out of the fight victorious, handing Ryan Jackson his first loss in amateur Muaythai competition, and winning gold in his division.
Kevon Singh, Lanna’s most experienced athlete met Josimar Tulloch from Krudar in the elite male qualifier class at 119lbs. The winner would be considered for the Canadian National Team which competes at international events. The fight against Josimar marked Kevon’s 24th fight in amateur Muaythai. Regarded as one of the best athletes at 119lbs, Josimar represented the biggest challenge in Kevon’s career.

Kru Dave giving instruction to Khai at the Canadian Muaythai Championships
Kru Dave giving instruction to Khai at the Canadian Muaythai Championships

Kevon and Josimar went to war for 3 rounds, representing the highest skill level this sport has to offer. Although Kevon didn’t come out victorious, he earned the respect of his opponent and the Muaythai community through his demonstration of skill and heart. It was a great learning experience for Kevon in many aspects, and he looks forward to a future rematch with the new 118 lbs national champion.
Victoria Diaz represented Lanna’s third athlete in the tournament. She competed against Taylor Gerow from Kawartha Combat in the elite B class division at 147lbs. Round 1 saw Victoria overwhelm Taylor with pure intensity and forward movement. Round 2 was more of the same. In round 3 Taylor began to mount a comeback, but it was too little, too late for the Kawartha Combat fighter. When the bout concluded, Victoria was crowned Canadian champion of her division.
All of the coaches and Lanna MMA staff want to congratulate our athletes for representing themselves and the school with integrity and a high standard of sportsmanship that you would expect from an event of this caliber.
And a big thanks to all of the Lanna family that came to the Markham Pan Am Center to support their teammates. Lanna Strong!!

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Written by: Ryan McKinnon, Lanna MMA Team Member and host of The Bloody Ballet podcast, a weekly Muay Thai show that can be found at The Bloody Ballet 

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