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Lanna MMA offers world class kids programs in Toronto, more specifically the Greater Toronto Area. Lanna MMA is a family oriented environment where kids, teenagers, and adults may comfortably train together. We offer a clean, friendly, and safe environment for kids to learn the basics of self defense and martial arts. We target our Toronto programs for kids between the ages of 3-12, with the program being split into two age groups; ages 3-6 and 7-12. These kids are in an important developmental period, and Lanna MMA offers a perfect environment to educate children about bullying and self defense. Above all, Lanna MMA’s curriculum is designed to ensure that your kids have a fun, healthy, safe, and educational training experience.

Our Fundamental Skills Approach for Kids Martial Arts

Here at Lanna MMA we believe that children’s martial arts education should be focused on the fundamentals. As with many things in life, Lanna MMA believes kids need to build a strong base that they can build upon later in life. Our Toronto kid’s martial arts programs have this mentality at heart, with a focus on 8 vital skills.

8 Vital Skills to Healthy and Successful Development

  • Focus
  • Cooperation
  • Control
  • Balance
  • Memory
  • Discipline
  • Fitness
  • Coordination

These skills are vital to success in martial arts, as well as many other sporting activities. They allow kids to maintain a healthy physical lifestyle. Lanna MMA’s kids martial arts program works on a grading system, which makes sure that as each child progresses and improves they are met with more intense and advanced exposure to these developmental skills.

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While the program has a focus on fundamentals and improving the 8 vital skills, Lanna MMA also puts emphasis on fun training exercises. We believe kids learn more when they’re having fun, and so we have created a welcoming environment that all can enjoy.

Our Anti-Bullying Stance

Here at Lanna MMA we believe that martial arts are about more than teaching kids how to defend themselves. It’s about character, social and physical development. As leaders in the Toronto area we strive to set a high standard regarding bullying, and hold seminars to educate and protect kids in the Greater Toronto Area. Lanna MMA’s program director Paul Silveira said it the best:

“We believe that is our responsibility to educate your kids and teach them how to be productive leaders in the community. It is our responsibility to ensure that your kids receive not only the best martial arts education possible, but also teach them to understand the power and consequences of decisions and choices they make.”
Paul Silveira (Lanna MMA Program Director)

Bullying is truly a problem in Toronto, as one in five Canadian youths report being bullied regularly and approximately 1 in 3 people experience or confront bullying in some form at one time of their life. The effects can be truly long lasting, as they affect children at a vulnerable age. Lanna MMA is committed to preventing bullying in Toronto through our martial arts classes as well as our regular anti-bullying seminars like “Stranger Danger”, “Anti-Bullying”, and “Parents’ Pad Holding”. We all have the right to feel safe at home, at school and anywhere in Toronto.

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