How can martial arts change a  life?  Take some time to read about the trans formative powers of Muay Thai and Lanna MMA in this incredibly personal account of a fellow students

For every story we hear, dozens more remain silent – master yourself to master your life.

My son has made a huge change since becoming a part of Lanna MMA. He has slowly gained the much needed inner confidence and encouragement he required. Fabian has always had difficulties expressing himself. At the age of 6 he was diagnosis with ADHD and placed on medication that made him act like a zombie. I didn’t agree with the medication’s side effects and decided to take a more natural healing path for him instead. Having him take vitamins and trying to have him do extra curricular activities like soccer and karate. But he didn’t like neither sport. At the age of 9, Fabian suffered months of being bullied while in the care of a city operated daycare centre. In August 2008 he was brutally attacked by three boys while in the care of the daycare centre. Fabian was being blamed for telling on one of the boys. They threatened to get him when they went outside to play. When they got outside, three boys attacked him using objects such as a metal baseball bat and wooden blocks. They placed the baseball bat around his chest to hold him, as the other boy proceeded to hit him on the head with the wooden brick. Fabian was able to escape, but only to be caught once again by them. This time, they proceeded to beat him with the baseball bat and kicks. He again managed to run away and get to a teacher. She didn’t believe him. He begged her to let him go inside because he was afraid the boys would be back to hit him again. He begged them to stop and began to cry to the teacher, who eventually allowed him to go inside the daycare centre.

A week after that incident I removed all three of my children from that daycare centre. Our story was placed on the front page of the Toronto Sun. Since then, we have filed a $1.1 million dollar lawsuit against the City of Toronto, for the incident that occurred to Fabian. It has been 6 years and we are still fighting.

Fabian sustained a head concussion, permanent hearing loss on his right ear,emotional and psychological problems. In early 2013, Fabian attempted to take his life. Luckily he was unsuccessful, and allowed himself one more chance at life. He stayed in a dark place for a long time, and thought nothing was ever good enough for him to live for.

Ever since my son enrolled in your program, he has sculpted himself into a new person. He looks forwards to getting to the classes and learning new techniques. He pushes himself to be more independent, sociable and master the art of MMA.

Thank you for creating your space, and for having the staff that you have. You have made my son a better person and have given him the motivation to do the best he can with his life.


Jessica Meza

Link to our story on the Toronto Sun :

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