Do you often feel like you need motivation to get to the gym? Many will agree, sometimes the most difficult part of a workout is actually getting to it! By following these few guidelines, you’ll help create a routine that allows for consistency, motivation, and accountability, all of which will help you to get to your workout successfully. Here are a few tips on ensuring you never miss a workout again:

Schedule it!

This is one of the most important things you can do in order to not miss a workout. Set the number of days you want to train and stick to it. Consistency is key here. Choose a schedule that works for you and includes rest days. The schedule can look something like Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, or, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. This type of schedule will be sure to hold you accountable because you already have your week planned out. Use a missed workout as an opportunity to do a lighter activity. Additionally, any other days you end up working out during the week, once you are following your regular schedule, end up being a bonus!

Get a partner

A training partner is another great way to stay motivated on days where it might feel difficult to get to a workout. The right training partner will push you to get to the gym and when you’re at the gym, will push you during the workout! Also, not showing up to a workout means you’re letting your training partner down. This type of accountability will reinforce just how important the workout is.

Set small, achievable goals

Setting small, achievable goals are so important because they become a reward system for you. Once you meet these goals, you will feel fulfilled and empowered which will help motivate you to keep going. Oftentimes, people will set large, unattainable goals for themselves which can definitely set them up for failure because reaching the goal is so far away. Check in with yourself often. Do you feel stronger and leaner? Do you have more energy? Can you do a 3-minute round without getting winded? These are examples of small changes and goals to set, while getting to your long-term goal!

Come prepared

Coming to a workout unprepared is one of the worst feelings! It’s an easy way to lose motivation to do the workout. Coming to class prepared is also key to your fitness success. Keep an extra set of handwraps in your gym bag, and a spare set of shorts or a shirt, so you don’t have any excuses! Another great tip, is leaving your gym bag by the door or in your car. This way, you’re already halfway there to the workout. All you have to do now is get there!

Reward yourself!

This is one of the most important aspects of not missing a workout! It’s so important to not forget to reward yourself for all of that hard work. Create a reward system that works for you. Do this after hitting your small goals. A massage, spa day, or buying a new piece of gear are all great rewards to increase your motivation to keep going to your sessions consistently!

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