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Why limit yourself to just the gym when you are training? There are tons of exercises you can do while at home that will improve your Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA and make your conditioning at the gym a bit easier!

You should try the following exercises at home! All of these exercises use little-to-no equipment and will improve your endurance, speed, strength and technique.



Skipping or jump rope, is one of the easiest and most physically rewarding exercises to do at home to improve your Muay Thai. This is because it works on areas that are needed for Muay Thai. Skipping will not only improve your cardio but it is also great for improving stamina, coordination, and balance.

Mix up your skipping routine at home in order to reap the rewards for your Muay Thai later. Try different foot movements – in and outs, jumping jacks and switching between the balls of your feet. You can find tons of skipping workouts online to help with this!

Try 3 rounds of 2 minutes each!

Advanced: Grab a weighted skipping rope to really feel the burn!

Box Jumps:


Box jumps are great for improving your overall leg strength which will inevitably improve your kicks in Muay Thai. Box jumps are equally great for their explosive power, which mimics many movements in Muay Thai. Additionally, box jumps engage your hip flexors which will, once again, improve your kicks!

When doing box jumps at home, try out a smaller wall or box and perfect your form before moving on.

Advanced: Find a higher bench or wall and challenge yourself!

Pistol Squats:


Pistol squats are an excellent dynamic exercise to do at home to improve your Muay Thai. Pistol squats will utilize your balance and explosive power while using your leg strength to complete the movement – all of which these skills are required for Muay Thai.

If an unassisted pistol squat is too difficult right away, try an assisted pistol squat first. Stand by a wall or a ledge and support yourself with one arm or hand.

Once you become more comfortable, try doing a pistol squat unassisted and adjust how far you go as you progress.

Advanced: Hold your squat at the bottom for 5-10 seconds!



Burpees are a full body exercise that gets your heart rate pumping, as well as challenging your stamina while improving your overall strength (especially your core strength).

Burpees are great because you can modify them to fit your needs. There are so many variations of a burpee, that a burpee is suitable for anyone! Add a push-up at the end of your burpee or a jumping jack to the beginning in order to work on the different areas you’d like.

Advanced: Challenge yourself by holding a plank or adding a push-up at the end of each burpee.

Shadow Boxing:


Shadow Boxing is important to any student training in Muay Thai. It is a great exercise to do at home because it is always working two-fold.

You will be working on your cardio as well as implementing technique learned in classes. When shadow boxing, remember to focus on your movements and follow-through when doing combinations. By using shadow boxing to pay attention to your body and it’s movements, your Muay Thai is sure to improve.

Advanced: Add weights to your shadow boxing routine and play around with your power and speed.

Overall, there is no wrong time or place to be improving your Muay Thai skills. These are just a few of the many exercises out there that will aid in your training at the gym. Using a few of these in your own at-home workout routine will help you push through those tough moments in class!

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