Kickboxing fighter standing with 4 world championship K-1 belts

May 28th Fighter of the Week: Dutch Kickboxer, Ernesto “Mr. Perfect” Hoost

Kickboxing fighter standing with 4 world championship K-1 belts
4 Time K-1 World Champion, Ernesto Hoost


We recently published a blog titled 10 Differences between Muay Thai and Kickboxing, which looked at 10 key differences between the two sports. Today’s fighter of the week looks at one of the most famous Dutch kickboxer’s of all time, Ernesto Hoost. Hoost is one Kru Jordan’s favorite fighters and one of his biggest inspirations that he used to create his “system” of striking.
Known by many as the best kickboxer of all time, Hoost is a Dutch kickboxing fighter who fought from 1993 – 2006. Throughout these years he was a 4 time K-1 world champion and has beaten several famous kickboxers including Mirko Cro-Cop, Peter Aerts, Changpuek Kiatsongrit, Jerome LeBanner, Andy Hug and Ray Sefo.
Ernesto Hoost became famous for his powerful, quick and “perfectly timed” leg kicks. Hoost was able to land a leg kick from anywhere whether it be off a clinch break, setup by hands, after dodging a punch, or countering other weapons. Hoost became famous for a particular leg kick setup: jab, cross, hook to the body followed by rear leg kick. Several fighters and trainers often call this combo “Hoost” named after the legend himself. Hoost’s leg kick were devastating coming in with an axe like motion straight into the outside and front of the thigh.
Ernesto Hoost retired with a professional kickboxing record of 99 Wins (62 (T)KO’s, 37 decisions), 21 Losses, 1 Draw, several of these (T)KO’s coming via leg kicks.
After his fighting career Hoost transitioned into a coaching role and has worked with famous MMA and kickboxing fighters such as Paul Slowinski, Fedor Emelienenko, Tyrone Spong, Antony Hardonk, Pat Barry, and Joanna jedrzejczyk.

Notable Hoost fights include: Hoost vs Sapp, Hoost vs Kaman II, Hoost vs Le Banner, Hoost vs Sapp, Hoost vs Aerts


Check out this highlight of Ernesto Hoost’s thunderous leg kicks in action. CLICK HERE!


CLICK HERE to see a full 2 hour and 20 minute seminar from the legend himself, who knows what you can learn?!?

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