Why Lanna MMA?

Welcome to Lanna MMA, Woodbridge’s leader in Boxing! Lanna MMA was establish in 2005 and was one of the first boxing programs in Woodbridge. Since then we have grown to be one of the top Boxing programs in the Greater Toronto Area.

We pride ourselves in offering a warm, non intimidating, and encouraging environment where students may learn the fundamentals of Boxing in a comfortably. Lanna MMA’s Boxing program is curriculum based, to ensure proper and maximum progression for students. The curriculum was designed by owner Kru Jordan Kravitz, along with Master Coaches Rick Atkinson (over 35 years experience coaching), William Grant (over 30 experience coaching and developed 2 Olympic athletes) and Favio Monico Galo (Lanna MMA and one of Canada’s top amateur boxing athletes).

Why Train Boxing?

Boxing is one worlds oldest sports and has recently become one of the most popular forms fitness. Aside from the fundamental self defense skills that you will learn, a typical class burns over 800-1000 calories! Students will develop better coordination, cardiovascular fitness, strength, confidence and burn body fat! Students can choose to train solely for fitness getting fit without ever being hit, or may train in the competitive program. In other words students may train for competition, self defense, and/or fitness!

What Makes Our Facility Unique

Lanna MMA takes pride in offering a state of the art facility. We ensure that all students train in a safe and comfortable environment. A perfect balance of old school and new school, we have all of the necessary equipment and resources to ensure proper development:

  • Top quality state of the art zebra mats and flooring to ensure maximum quality training and safety
  • 12 punching bags in a variety of shapes and sizes, speed bag, double end bag, and wall mounted targets
  • A gym room with Weight Training Equipment and Cardio Machines
  • Lockers for storage
  • Kettle Bells, TRX and Functional Training Equipment
  • Full sized boxing ring (same ring that was used in the movie Cinderella Man)
  • Full retail shop, nutritional shop, and nutrition consulting
  • Change rooms with full bathrooms and Showers
  • Facility is cleaned and disinfected twice daily and we are open 7 days per week!

Call Now To Book Your Free Class and see what makes us Woodbridge’s top Boxing Program: 416 740-2352

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Series of different photos in a collage of students in boxing classes at Lanna MMA. Students are doing a variety of activities from wrapping their hands to hitting a bag and hitting pads