May 28th Fighter of the Week: Anuwat Kaewsamrit: Muay Thai/ Thai Boxing

Muay Thai boxer standing in front of gym labelled kaewsamrit holding his championship belts
Legendary Thai Boxer, Anuwat Kaewsamrit posing with many of his championship belts

For those people who believe that punching is not a dominant weapon in Muay Thai competition, look no further than Anuwat “The Irons Hands of Siam” Kaewsmrit. Anuwat was born November 7th, 1981 in Nakhon Sri Thammarat, a province in Southern Thailand. Anuwat started competing in Muay Thai 1995 at the age of 14 and retired fighting in 2010. Anuwat fought out of the famous Kaewsamrit gym in Bangkok Thailand, joining the Thai Boxing gym while they were still new before they had their famous reputation.

Anuwat was known for his hard hitting style of standing toe to toe and throwing heavy hands and heavy low kicks, always looking for a knockout with his punches. The opposite of a point fighter, Anuwat always looked for the big KO. Known as one of the best pound for pound Thai Boxers of all time, Anuwat racked up quite an impressive resume throughout his years of Muay Thai competition including 5 Rajadamnern Championships at 4 different weight classes, 2 Lumpinee Championships, 1 Omnoi Stadium Championship, 1 WMC World Championship, 1 WBC World Championship, 1 WPMF World Championship, 2004 and 2005 Sports Authority of Thailand Fighter of the Year, 2003 and 2004 Sports writers of Thailand Fighter of the Year, Plus so much more…Don’t wanna list a full page of accomplishments lol.

Anuwat has fought the best of the best in Muay Thai including Lerdsila, Liam Harrison, Attachai Fairtex, and Sittichai Sitsongpeenong, and Jomthong Chuwattana.

Click Here To Check Out an Awesome Highlight Video of Anuwat Doing What He Does Best…Knocking People Out With Punches!

When watching Anuwat notice how he throws his punches with a different rhythem/ technique than a traditional boxer. This is due to several differences in Thai Boxing and Boxing such as elbows, knees, clinch, rhythem, and scoring. I wont go in detail about this….you’ll just have to wait for the blog about some of the differences between punching in Muay Thai and punching in Boxing lol.

May 28th Fighter of the Week: Dutch Kickboxer, Ernesto “Mr. Perfect” Hoost

Kickboxing fighter standing with 4 world championship K-1 belts
4 Time K-1 World Champion, Ernesto Hoost


We recently published a blog titled 10 Differences between Muay Thai and Kickboxing, which looked at 10 key differences between the two sports. Today’s fighter of the week looks at one of the most famous Dutch kickboxer’s of all time, Ernesto Hoost. Hoost is one Kru Jordan’s favorite fighters and one of his biggest inspirations that he used to create his “system” of striking.
Known by many as the best kickboxer of all time, Hoost is a Dutch kickboxing fighter who fought from 1993 – 2006. Throughout these years he was a 4 time K-1 world champion and has beaten several famous kickboxers including Mirko Cro-Cop, Peter Aerts, Changpuek Kiatsongrit, Jerome LeBanner, Andy Hug and Ray Sefo.
Ernesto Hoost became famous for his powerful, quick and “perfectly timed” leg kicks. Hoost was able to land a leg kick from anywhere whether it be off a clinch break, setup by hands, after dodging a punch, or countering other weapons. Hoost became famous for a particular leg kick setup: jab, cross, hook to the body followed by rear leg kick. Several fighters and trainers often call this combo “Hoost” named after the legend himself. Hoost’s leg kick were devastating coming in with an axe like motion straight into the outside and front of the thigh.
Ernesto Hoost retired with a professional kickboxing record of 99 Wins (62 (T)KO’s, 37 decisions), 21 Losses, 1 Draw, several of these (T)KO’s coming via leg kicks.
After his fighting career Hoost transitioned into a coaching role and has worked with famous MMA and kickboxing fighters such as Paul Slowinski, Fedor Emelienenko, Tyrone Spong, Antony Hardonk, Pat Barry, and Joanna jedrzejczyk.

Notable Hoost fights include: Hoost vs Sapp, Hoost vs Kaman II, Hoost vs Le Banner, Hoost vs Sapp, Hoost vs Aerts


Check out this highlight of Ernesto Hoost’s thunderous leg kicks in action. CLICK HERE!


CLICK HERE to see a full 2 hour and 20 minute seminar from the legend himself, who knows what you can learn?!?

10 Differences Between Muay Thai and Kickboxing

1) Muay Thai allows elbows, clinch (upper body grappling) and leg trapping while kickboxing does not.

2) Kickboxing often refers to any full contact form of fighting with punching and kicking. Practitioners may come from boxing, karate, taekwondo, kung fu, hybrid of styles etc. backgrounds while Muay Thai is a specific Martial Arts style.

3) Muay Thai is very rhythmic art. The “Ram Muay” or “Round Music” is played during a Muay Thai fight and fighter’s rhythm is often in sync to this song. Fighters often look to establish their rhythm before throwing heavy.

4) Kickboxing is often 3 rounds while Muay Thai is often 5 rounds. In kickboxing because of the short number of rounds fighters are often very active right from the beginning while in Muay Thai the first and sometimes second round is often considered to be “feel out” or “warm up” rounds.

5) Kickboxing tends to be very boxing based using active hands, angles/movement and volume combos while Muay Thai tends to be more timing based relying on quick and powerful counters and timing. Kickboxer’s will often throw volume combos while Muay Thai fighters will often look to time single weapons.

6) Muay Thai has a heavy cultural component attached to it. Being the national sport of Thailand, a country with deep Buddhist and spiritual roots, it incorporates a lot of traditions and practices of the culture. Fighters often wear a head piece called a mongkon which is meant to bring the fighters luck and protects them from possible dangers. So the mongkon is a highly spiritual object in Muay Thai. Fighters often do a ceremonial dance before their fight.


Female Muay Thai fighter bowing in a boxing ring with traditional muay thai garments and boxing gloves
Muay Thai fighter performing Wai Kru Dance before fight
2 Muay Thai male fighters fighting in a boxing ring with boxing gloves and traditional Muay Thai Shorts on. One fighter is kicking the other while the other is blocking
2 Fighters Competing in a Muay Thai Match
two kickboxing fighters competing in a boxing ring. The fighter wearing red is executing a kick to the head while the fighter in blue is trying to block it
2 Fighters competing in a Kickboxing Match
Muay Thai fighter in blue elbowing Muay Thai fighter in red in a Muay Thai Boxing Match
A fighter executing an elbow in a Muay Thai fight
Red corner executing an axe kick on the blue corner opponent in a professional kickboxing fight
Fighter executing an axe kick in a kickboxing bout







7) The Muay Thai scoring system is different from the kickboxing scoring system. Kickboxing often works on a point system while Muay Thai is scored by things such as ringmanship, difficulty of technique, power/ amount the strike affected its opponent, balance/technique.

8) Techniques in Muay Thai are often executed differently from kickboxing e.g. a Muay Thai kick comes from turning the hip and connecting with the shin bone while various forms of kickboxing often “snap” the knee to throw their kick and often connect on the foot. The predominant kicks in Muay Thai are a “Thai Swing Kick” and a “Teep Push Kick”, however various forms of kickboxing often incorporate spinning kicks. Axe kicks, etc.

9) Muay Thai was developed from Muay Boran which is a traditional unarmed combat that was used in war. Muay Thai was developed in approximately 1930’s as a ring sport which is when modern style equipment was introduced and rules were changed to promote safety of athletes.

10) Muay Thai fighters wear traditional “Muay Thai shorts” while competing whereas kickboxers will often wear long pants, tights, Kimono (gi) pants, “Muay Thai shorts”, or “MMA Shorts”.

While Muay Thai is similar to kickboxing to the naked eye, as you can see by the points listed above the 2 sports are quite different. At Lanna MMA we have a hybrid style of striking which incorporates which is based in Muay Thai but incorporate elements of boxing and kickboxing. K1 or Dutch kickboxing has become very popular lately which is a hybrid between kickboxing and Muay Thai. While the full Muay Thai arsenal is not allowed to be used (no elbows, no trapping kicks and striking back, no sweeps in the clinch, only 1 strike from the clinch, 3 rounds) they have modified the rules to allow knees, low kicks, and one strike from the clinch. Several famous Muay Thai fighters such as Saenchai, Buakaw, Georgio Petrosyan, John Wayne Parr and Sittichai Sitsongpeenong have began crossing over to K-1 rules due to its popularity and similarities between K-1 and Muay Thai often allow for a smooth transition.

If you interested in seeing an example of the difference between the 2 styles of striking, make sure to check out the legendary fight between Rick Roufus, consisdered by many to be the great American Kickboxer vs Cahngpuek Kiatsongrit, one of the first Muay Thai fighters to go abroad and show the effectiveness of Muay Thai in an international setting: CLICK HERE TO WATCH

March break is almost here! While school helps enforce new lessons and learning along with new teachers and concepts; after-school activities can be extremely beneficial in reinforcing the tools that children and youth will use throughout their school year. Consider enrolling your child/children in our March Break as a perfect extra-curricular activity while school is out. Here’s why:

Improves listening skills

Just like a school classroom, a martial arts classroom is no different. Your trainer, Kru, or instructor is just like your school teacher – showing you new concepts, techniques and applications. The first part in learning something new in any category is listening. Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, Muay Thai, and BJJ require a good set of listening skills in order to execute techniques and combinations properly. By working on these listening skills, your child will inevitably become more focused and attentive in school. This is something that always transfers over very well in the classroom.

Practice working with a team

Many people think that various martial arts are a solo sport. When in fact, the teamwork involved in boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA and BJJ is extremely prevalent. All of these martial arts require at least one other person to work with, like a pad-holder or your trainer. Often times, classes will incorporate group and partner activities to help improve a technique or movement. Learning to adapt with a new partner or group is key in martial arts and in a school setting. You won’t always be paired up with someone you like, or someone who is at the same level as you (in any way). However, this adapting process is crucial is a child’s development across all boards.

Discipline and perseverance

All martial arts require an adequate amount of self-discipline. It starts from being able to focus on what the instructor is teaching and using those directions to work through the class. This along with coming to class with a uniform, and respecting the school’s rules and traditions will translate into other areas of life, especially school. In terms of perseverance, not everything will come easy all the time in martial arts (or in school). In any martial art, we are expected to fail before succeeding. This will actually help your child in times where a concept in school might be difficult to understand, or if they do bad on a test. Martial arts teaches your kids to keep going despite a failure, big or small.

Respect for authority figures

A martial arts gym mimics a school so similarly. There are senior and junior students, Krus (like principals), and instructors (like teachers). Almost all martial arts schools operate within this hierarchy. In a martial arts school, all students learn to not only trust their superiors, but respect them. An example of this in Muay Thai is the “wai.” This is a bow to our superiors out of respect before and after classes and as a general greeting. Respect for authority is engrained in the culture and this translates extremely well in a classroom and school setting where there are many authority figures.

As you can see there are many benefits in enrolling your children in a martial arts program with many skills being transferable into a school setting. Extra-curricular activities are extremely important to a child’s growth and socialization. Choosing an activity that complements what your child is already doing in school is extremely beneficial!

Feel free to come in and try it out! Enroll your child in a free trial by clicking here or contact us to enrol your child/children in our March Break Camp!

Looking For something To Do With The Kids Over March Break???

Lanna MMA’s Got You Covered with our Super Heroes Themed March Break Camp!

Phone Us At 416 740 2352 For More Information

poster for lanna mma march break camp superheroes theme. Poster has collage of of superhero images with all of the information

Lanna MMA Is Excited To Announce Our 2018 Kids March Break Camp! This years camp theme will be SUPERHEROES! We have a full itinerary of different Superhero Theme games and activities, including 2 Special Field Trips! Drop will be 8:30-9am and the Camp will formally finish at 4pm however kids may stay attend Kids Martial Arts Classes following their day.





Below is an example of a typical day Itinerary

March Break Camp: Sample Day Plan


Day 1

Heroic Trait of the Day: Respect

Technique of the day: Stance/Punches

Period 1


Drop off and free play
Note: 8:50- 9:00 will be used for a mat chat where the instructor will go over the school rules
Period 2

9:00- 10:00

Note: 9:00-9:05 Talk to students about the Heroic Trait of the Day: What is “respect”? How can we show it? Etc.
Muay Thai Class- working on the basic Muay Thai Stance followed by jab and cross.

10:00- 10:20

Nutrition break
10:20- 12:00Games/activities;

  • Secret Identity Relay: Students will race (either 1 on 1 or in small groups) to a pile of oversized clothing. They must put on their disguise to hide their secret identity.

Materials Needed: Two pairs of shoes, fake glasses or sunglasses, hat, large pants, shirt and hat.

Period 4


Lunch and ‘free play’
Period 5

1:00- 2:30


  • Kryptonite Disposal: Race with other teams to remove crumpled paper using only pool noodles.  

         Materials Needed: Pool noodles, green construction paper, water buckets.

  • Capture the Villain: students attempt to ‘lasso’ the instructor (or older student using a hula hoop). The ‘villain’ will need to post ‘bail’ in order to escape. The team with the most points or ‘money’ wins.
Period 6

2:30- 2:45

Nutrition break
2:45- 4:00Games/activities

  • Spidey Sense challenge: split into pairs or small groups, teams must help blindfolded teammates navigate the mat area to collect markers (can be blocks, candies etc.). Cones will be scattered throughout the space and will be penalized and told to freeze in the event that they knock over a cone.
  • Award student who best embodied the Heroic Trait of the Day.
  • Pick up


Self Defense Classes Now offer at Lanna MMA

Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:15pm

RAID Logo which says Rapid Aggressive Intelling DefenseLanna MMA is excited to be introducing its brand new self defense system R.A.I.D. (Rapid Aggressive Intelligent Defense), taught by the systems founder, Ilan Srulovicz.

R.A.I.D. Self Defense System teaches a hybrid system of Filipino and indonesian martial arts combined with heavy elements of Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu jitsu. The intention of the training is to develop real, functional combat skills relevant to today’s society. The revolutionary method of Self Defense get’s rid of cookie cutter elements often found in traditional martial arts and works specifically on developing each persons reflexes and natural reactions in a way that is specific to them. Training involves a heavy elements of reaction based, “alive” training to develop real world skills that are applicable with each lesson. The training is formatted to be able to show measurable results and application after each session. Relying heavily on “instinctive response” training through a revolutionary approach of inducing students to a responsive (adreno stress) state, RAID training will not only give you the ability to protect yourself but transfer over in to all aspects of ones life. The confidence developed through being able to control oneself in a stress state is a skill that can not be untaught.

R.A.I.D. was founded by Ilan Srulovicz as a result of two decades dedicated to studying the martial arts as well as the psychology behind violent attacks. A 3rd degree black belt and a recognized guro in the ancient Filipino art of Eskrima, Pangamot and Eskrido, Ilan has developed a unique method of tailoring traditional Filipino martial arts to the realities of modern self-defense. Famously showcased in the Bourne Identity films, the Filipino martial arts are considered some of the most sophisticated and street-savvy martial arts ever devised. They encompass a comprehensive range of deadly armed and unarmed fighting skills that have been passed down from generation to generation in the Philippines.

About Ilan:

head shot of RAID fighting system head instructor Ilan
Ilan Srulovicz, Found of R.A.I.D. Self Defense System.

Ilan Srulovicz is the founder and head instructor of R.A.I.D Survival Systems. He is a 3rd degree black belt and a recognized guro in the Filipino art of Doce Pares Eskrima under Master Chris Bautista, grandson of the legendary Cacoy Cañete. He also holds a 3rd Degree black belt in the empty hand Filipino system of Pangamot and the Grappling stick system of Eskrido. Ilan is also a black Belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu under Alex Noaves.

Always seeking to expand his knowledge and further his growth in the Filipino martial arts, Guro Ilan also trained extensively under Guro Tommy Dy Tang in the unique fighting system of Kali Ilustrisimo. Unlike many Filipino martial arts that emphasize stick work, the Kali Ilustrisimo art is based on the use of bladed weapons such as swords, machetes, daggers, and knives.

In addition to all his training in the Filipino martial arts, Guro Ilan also has two decades of experience in muay Thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Indonesian silat, as well as Russian sambo.

Classes will be taught by Ilan on Mondays and Wednesdays 7:15-8:45pm

Stress and Martial Arts

Stress word bubble with stress in the middle and different words relating to stress like pressure, strain, feeling, etc.

Stress happens to all of us at some point during the course of our lives. It can come from anywhere from work to strained relationships, friendships and even family problems. Stress can come in many different forms and our bodies can have very real responses to stress. The good news is, exercise is one of the best forms of stress relief! Any martial art such as muay thai kickboxing, boxing, bjj etc. will work wonders for both your mental and physical health. Here are a few positive ways a martial art will help reduce your stress:

Martial Give an Endorphin Boost

The simplest and best way to relieve stress is to get some exercise! When your heart rate gets going and you are exercising your body releases endorphins. These are your brains “I feel good” neurotransmitters and tells your body to feel amazing. This is also why after exercise many of us often do feel amazing! Endorphins also allow you to sleep better and to just be overall happier.

Martial Arts Helps Focus

Practicing a martial art allows you to truly focus on yourself. This focus is what helps clear your mind when you are stressed out. Also, martial arts require you to often focus on a specific body movement, or breathing pattern which is a very similar response you would have when meditating or practicing yoga – activities that are proven to reduce stress. Another benefit, is that martial arts allows you to forget all of your problems for the time you are training. You will often find yourself becoming completely immersed in your class and forgetting the bad day you might have had before it.

Martial Arts Helps with Discipline and Decision Making

A lot of our stress comes from our inability to make confident decisions. Think about how many times this fear has come over you in the workplace or school. You are scared to ask for a raise, therefore you stress about it. You are worried you didn’t do too well on that test, therefor you stress about it. Martial arts allow you to make decisions confidently under pressure. When fighting or landing a quick combination you don’t have time to worry about what move might be best. These decisions are often instinctual. If someone tries to throw a jab to your face, you’ll move. This instinct is gained from the discipline encouraged in training. When you train to make great “fight or flight” decisions, then you will be able to make them without a worry in the world.

Martial Arts is a Great Physical Release of Stress

What better way to relieve stress than hit some pads for an hour or so? For those of you who often suffer from anger due to their stress, this is a perfect activity for you. Martial arts allows you to really release this stress in a physical way in a very safe and controlled environment. The physical release of punching, kicking, elbowing, kneeing, rolling etc. works wonders for stress! This combined with all the other stress relievers will make you feel amazing after a good class.

Ultimately, martial arts can truly make an impact on the stress levels you might face. The true purpose of any martial art is to be both a physical and mental warrior. This will train all of your coping mechanics against stress such as decision making, fear, confidence, anger and will also make you feel good while doing it! If you haven’t already try out a class today and really see how martial arts can change your life.

Dave Earns his Kru Status from Ajahn Jovan Stojanovski

David posing with his coaches Jordan and Jovan as he gets his Kru certificate in Muay Thai at Lanna MMA in Vaughan and North York

The Lanna Team is excited to announce that on July 22nd, 2017 Ajahn Jovan Stojanovski granted David Mirabelli his Kru status in Muay Thai. This is a huge accomplishment for David who has been a lifelong Martial Artist, training in Martial Arts for over 17 years and training with the Lanna MMA/ Lanna Muay Thai team for approximately 8 years. David is a leader at Lanna MMA and has been one of the most consistent Lanna instructors, having taught for the past 5 years without any breaks in his training/teaching.

David is an integral member of the Lanna MMA coaching staff and has built the kids program into one of Vaughan and North York’s top Kids Martial Arts and Muay Thai programs, through his leadership and mentorship as the Head Kids Instructor. David is one of the most well rounded coaches at Lanna as he not only heads the kids program but also teaches adults, trains competitor’s, corners athletes in Muay Thai competition, and is Lanna’s most popular personal trainer.

Dave has such a passion for teaching that after attaining his bachelors of arts degree he decided to study in Teachers College at University of Toronto and just earned his Bachelors of Education degree. Dave has truly dedicated his life to teaching and is quickly developing into one of the strongest Muay Thai Kickboxing and Martial Arts teachers and coaches in the North York and Vaughan area.

Lanna MMA has big plans for Kru David as he reaches a new milestone in his martial arts career. Now that Kru David has graduated Teachers College and has more free time available, we look forward to him teaching more classes and playing and even more active role at the school. Look out for his classes on the August schedule coming soon!


*We ask that all students now refer David as Kru David. We know it will that it will take some time to get in to the habit.


Muay Thai Kickboxing in Vaughan & North York

Muay Thai Clinching Seminar with Ajahn Jovan Saturday July 22nd, 2017 at 1pm at Lanna MMA in the North York and Vaughan Area. Admission prices are $25 per person.
Jovan is famous for being the male foreigner with the most fights in Thailand

Muay Thai Clinching Seminar in the North York & Vaughan Area

On July 22nd, 2017 Lanna MMA located in the North York and Vaughan area will be hosting a Muay Thai Clinching seminar with famous Muay Thai Kickboxing athlete and teacher, Ajahn Jovan Stojanovski. Jovan has been fighting in Thailand since 1996 and is one of Canada’s most experienced fighters. Jovan also holds the world record for the male foreigner with the most fights in Thailand, having approximately 116 fights in Thailand.

Ajahn Jovan has competed on the largest stages in Muay Thai including competing on the Kings Birthday in front of the King of Thailand, in the legendary Lumpinee stadium, Rajadamnern stadium, and Omnoi stadium in Bangkok, and has had several of his fight televised on Thailand channel 7.  Jovan has also squared off against some of the best Muay Thai Kickboxing fighters in history including Olympic Gold Medalist Boxer Somrak Khamsing and 2001 Fighter of the Year, Samkor Kiatmonthep.

In addition to Jovan’s competetive Muay Thai and Kickboxing experience, he teaches full time in Thailand, and travels across Canada, USA, Australia, and Europe for seminars. Jovan has trained many champions both Thai and Foreigner. Jovan has a warm hearted teaching style based on simplicity and effectiveness. Jovan has a way of explaining things in a manner which is easy to understand.

Lanna MMA is excited to be having Ajahn Jovan Stojanovski in for a 2 hour seminar on July 22nd. The seminar will be focusing on clinching and will be starting at 1pm. Admission is only $25 and will be open to all schools and students.

Jovan will also be offering 1 on 1 Muay Thai Kickboxing training at Lanna MMA throughout the months of July and August for anyone interested in training with him.

Reserve your spot today by phoning us at: 416 740-2352

Lanna Muay Thai Fighters Have Successful Performance at at Mitsubishi Cup 2

This past Saturday July 8th the Lanna MMA Team Traveled East of our home in North York / Vaughan to Ajax to participate in Pound for Pound’s Mitsubishi Cup 2: Clash of the Titans Muay Thai Kickboxing event. This card sanctioned by Muay Thai Ontario featured 2 of Lanna MMA’s youngest Muay Thai Kickboxing fighters, 19 year old Brenda ʻEl Gauchoʼ Vargas out of North York Ontario and ‘Old Man’ 17 year old Omid Youssufi out of North York Ontario. Both of the Lanna MMA fighters showed great heart, intensity, skill, and class in their Muay Thai Kickboxing fights!

Brenda ʻEl Gauchoʼ Vargas:

19 year old Female muay thai kickboxing fighter Brenda standing with her trophy and 3 coaches in the ring after winning her fight at the Mitsubishi Cup 2
Brenda with her coaching team after winning her Muay Thai Kickboxing fight

Brenda coming out of North York’s match up was the first fight on the card and kicked the night off with a bang! Brenda was coming off her first loss at the Thai Boxing Association Classic World Muay Thai Expo and was hungry fo redemption. Brenda Vargas was matched up with Ala Osroff from Bazooka Kickboxing out of Scarborough Ontario. Ala’s coach Joseph Valtellini is a famous professional Kickboxing fighter and 2014 Glory Middleweight Champion. Knowing his well refined kickboxing style of hands into leg kicks and countering with leg kicks, Brenda implemented a game plan of pushing forward hard, striking first, and circling to the right to land her famous southpaw cross and negate the leg kick of her orthodox opponent. Brenda implemented this for all 3 rounds, pushing the pace with her Boxing and staying in Alas face, not giving her time or space to look for the counter leg kicks. Brenda landed her patented lead hook, left cross, at will often snapping back the head of her opponent. Brenda also showed great ringmanship, often cutting off the ring and trapping her opponent on the ropes. Ala stayed competitive the entire fight keeping Brenda on her toes and reminding Brenda the importance of striking first when Brenda did relax. Brenda improves her Muay Thai record to 3-1.

‘Old Man’ Omid Youssufi:

17 year old Omid with his 2 coaches and a team mate, all in Lanna gear, posing after Omids Muay Thai Kickboxing fight
Omid with his 2 coaches and team mate after losing a split decision in his first Muay Thai Kickboxing fight

Omid out of North York fought fourth on the card. Omid is relative new comer to the sport of Muay Thai Kickboxing having just started training in November. Since his first  demo fight on February 10th, Omid has been very active in demos. Coming off of five successful demos, it was finally time for Omid’s first sanctioned Muay Thai Kickboxing fight. Due to there not being any 16-17 year olds for him to compete against, we decided to upgrade him into the Adult division of Muay Thai Ontario. In his first B Class sanctioned Muay Thai Kickboxing fight, he battled Marten Ngo from Siam No in Toronto. Knowing of Siam No. 1’s famous countering and clinching style, Omid’s game plan was to strike first with hard hands to set up his kicks and knees, pushing the pace to not give his opponent time to counter and working his long guard to not allow his opponent into the clinch. Omid put on a very technical performance, landing brutal leg kicks, hard combinations and stong counters. He used his long guard to stay out of the clinch and used hard effective hands to set up his leg kicks, body kicks, and head kicks. Martin pushed back being very busy with his hands into kicks combinations. After a close three rounds, the fight was left in the hands of the judges. Unfortunately while Omid stayed competitive, his opponent’s volume combos and output allowed Martin to take the split decision victory. In our opinion this was one of the most technical and exciting fights of the night as both Muay Thai Kickboxing athletes displayed beautiful, technique, balance, and grace in their attacks, defense, and counters.  We are very proud of Omid in his first sanctioned fight and are confident he will come back even stronger in his next Muay Thai Kickboxing sanctioned fight.





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