Welcome to Lanna MMA, where staff, students and instructors create a community dedicated to mutual growth and self-improvement via martial arts.

We invite you to join us in a Jiu-jitsu class, a true full-body work out where you will develop a new self-defense skill set, sharpen your focus, attention to detail, and how to utilize technique to overcome a larger opponent.

We are committed to maintaining a clean, welcoming and family-friendly environment for all of our members. We are a uniform school that caters to students as young as 3 years-old and pride ourselves in running a facility that makes everyone feel at home.

We are easily located along Weston Road within two industrial units fitted with state of the art mats, several bags, kettlebells, medicine balls, a weight room and anything else you may need to get in that quality workout. We are also open between the hours of 1pm and 4pm for you to use the school as you see fit.

Call or visit us as soon as you can to book your free trial class! We look forward to meeting you!