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We hope that everyone is doing well and staying safe during this challenging time. Its very cool watching gyms and trainers innovate and take their training online. It truly speaks to how passionate the industry is about our craft!

Female athlete doing online fitness class at home . Doing a side plank while watching her laptop following along her at home workout
Athlete enjoying her live online fitness class from at home

Here are 10 Tips to help everyone stay Motivated and Successful

in your At Home Workouts:

1. Schedule your at home workout:

If you’re not a fan of working out, try to do it first thing in the morning to get it over with so that its not lingering in your head! (treat it with the same importance you would a business meeting or social gathering)

2. Make it a family affair:

Workout with your girlfriend, boyfriend, kids, mother etc. Working out is always more fun with a buddy, a great opportunity for social interaction and great family bonding!

3. Make sure your space is conducive to your home workout:

Take some time to create a little space for working out in. This can include a yoga mat, a few pieces of equipment, some motivational material etc.

4. Make a playlist or find an online class that plays music:

Workout and music goes together like 2 peas in a pod. Take some time to create an ultimate workout playlist or a few different playlists depending on what type of mood you’re in!

5. Find the right home workout:

Not everyone is the same and not every workout is good for everyone! Try out different forms of fitness and find what works best for you – whether boxing, bootcamp, Zumba, Muay Thai etc.

6. Mix it up:

Don’t always do the same type of workout. Mix it up to ensure you don’t get bored. Keep shocking and stimulating your body.

7. Make sure you rest:

Wer’e all about training hard but rest is just as important as training. Make sure you’re taking enough rest days to ensure you don’t suffer from overtraining, ensure you have enough energy for future workout, and keep seeing gains/results. For more information about over training and the signs/symptoms CLICK HERE

8. Reward yourself:

Have a special show, drink, food, book, game etc., that you just love to partake in? Tell yourself you’re not allowed to do it until after your workout, then reward yourself with that activity following your workout!

9. Keep track of your results:

Working out is all about the little victories. Make sure to track your progression. There’s nothing more motivating than seeing your body transform and your fitness level increase, but remember: be patient, nothing happens overnight!

10. Set goals:

Make sure that you’re setting realistic and achievable goals. Click Here to read a detailed blog we wrote all about goal setting and how to successfully crush you goals!


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