In Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fitness training, a good warm-up is an important foundation of training. A warm-up enhances range of motion, increases workload capacity, and prevents injury due to the flexibility. Each warm-up exercise offers better results than the prior. However, a proper warm-up should take about 10 minutes and not less than 5 minutes.

Unfortunately, many fitness trainees and athletes hardly get to warm up enough, which often undermines a good workout. There are different exercises that can be employed to warm up. Therefore, it is advisable to find a workout that works best for you, although varying your workout can help prevent boredom.


• Stretching

Stretching is a simple, but effective workout that helps to ready the muscles. A good stretch should focus on both major muscle groups and minor muscle groups. Taking a 10-15 minute jog or a bike ride can help warm up your body to help you focus better on the training. Furthermore, foot shuffle and clapping pushups are effective speed workouts that can help improve speed and endurance. As both aerobic and lactic exercise, these exercises work on the upper and lower body parts to increase muscle strength, speed and agility.

• Gym workout

If you have a home gym or regularly visit a fitness club, a treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike can ensure an effective warm-up workout. They offer a great tool for warming up muscles, increasing blood flow and elevating heart rates. A good warm-up on a treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike should be performed 3 minutes at a slow, relaxed pace (low resistance), 3 minutes at a medium pace (medium resistance) or 3 minutes at a faster pace (high resistance) and a 30-second sprint.

If you are experiencing time constraints, the time can be cut in half, only make sure each warm-up exceeds five minutes. With many gyms having most of this equipment, you have no excuse for failing to warm up, anytime. Nevertheless, the problem posed by relying on gym equipment is the fact that it does not prepare muscles and joints effectively. Furthermore, the equipment does not warm up muscles in the upper-body parts, such as the shoulders and chest.

• Jump rope

An old-fashioned jump rope is popular with many athletes and fighters for a good reason. Very few workout exercises contribute to improved rhythm, cardio and footwork all at the same time. Furthermore, a jumping rope can be fun to use. Nevertheless, a 5-minute nonstop rope jump is recommended to ensure an effective warm-up exercise. The warm-up starts slowly, steadily increasing speed to a sprint towards the last round.

Moreover, in order to get the best out of this workout, focus on your breathing. Keep it steady, in rhythm to help prevent fatigue and improve your conditioning. In addition, relax your shoulders every time, to help keep the entire body relaxed. Any tension is a pure waste of energy, because bringing this tension into a fight is likely to gas you out faster, making your shots and strikes much slower.

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