MMA is a Great Full Body Workout

MMA is an amazing way to get a great full body workout in Toronto, North, or Vaughan. You work out every muscle in your body, you work on your cardio, and you work on your coordination. Nearly every single facet of being healthy and fit is incorporated into MMA, whether you are looking to add muscle and strength or are looking to increase your cardio. MMA is great because it works even the small muscle groups in your body, giving you increased stability to your appendages. If you’re looking for a great work out, to learn how to defend yourself, and to have some fun in Toronto, North York, or Vaughan Lanna MMA is the martial arts school for you!

Toronto MMA

Learn Vital Self Defense Skills

Self defense is important, everyone knows that. You never know when you’ll need to defend yourself, and if you’re caught unprepared it could have life altering consequences. Lanna MMA provides a friendly, safe environment for you to learn all aspects of MMA and self defense. We are famous for providing a welcoming environment where everyone is looking to help each other. Whether it’s someone just starting MMA or athletes looking to master their MMA skills, Lanna MMA is the gym that can provide you with the training you need. We have dedicated instructors with decades of experience in MMA who can help you learn the basics of self defense, and much, much more.

Become a Complete Mixed Martial Artist at Lanna MMA

MMA is perfect for everyone looking to learn some basic self defense, but here in the greater Toronto area Lanna MMA also offers much higher end training for those looking to perfect their MMA training. Lanna MMA promotes a family environment, welcoming all who are interested, and our head instructors Kru Mel Bellissimo and Fernando Zulick have decades of experience with their art.
Kru Mel learned, taught, and fought professionally in Thailand, becoming an expert in Muay Thai, and mixed martial arts. Professor Fernando Zulick is a certified black belt in BJJ with over 19 years of experience, with close lineage to Helio Gracie. These instructors can help any trainer, whether you’re just starting out or fighting in the UFC, master their skills and become a complete mixed martial artist.

Elite MMA Curriculum in Toronto, North York, and Vaughan

There are MMA schools and dojos all over Toronto, North York and Vaughan but first and foremost, you need a school that’s proven. Lanna MMA offers a world class curriculum, with set stages and goals for every level. Lanna MMA provides one of Toronto’s most well organized programs, that allows them to teach extremely effectively. MMA is complicated, and there are many facets to learn from the different forms of martial arts. Whether you’re looking to improve your grappling, striking or submissions, Lanna MMA offers the knowledge and quality you expect from a leading school of MMA.

How Lanna MMA Stands Above the Rest in the Greater Toronto Area

  • Highly trained and experienced instructors
  • A friendly, family environment that maximizes learning and focus
  • A world class curriculum developed by our very own instructors


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