If you are thinking of starting practicing a contact sport then you might be happy to know that there are many such sports to choose from. If you want to make the best decision then make sure that you assess your preferences and you also find out more about different types of contact sports. Below you will discover more interesting details about 4 important combat sports you can practice these days.


1. Boxing. This is perhaps one of the most popular contact sport in the world and for good reasons. Although you are hitting your opponent with your hands only, boxing is a complete sport and you will train all the muscles in your body. It is perfect for beginners in contact sports and boxing gear is not that expensive either, so consider it seriously. If you practice boxing for a long period of time, you will have proper balance, you will release stress and you will also know basic self-defense techniques as well.

2. MMA. MMA stands for mixed martial arts, so it is basically a collection of martial arts which involve many types of fighting techniques. In this sport you will use both your hands and legs and also, a lot of emphasis is put on ground fighting as well. If you think that boxing doesn’t consume all your physical resources then head your attention towards MMA, perhaps the most complete contact sport out there. This type of physical activity will increase your metabolism, help you lose weight, stay in shape, gain muscular mass and be physically fit.

3. Muay Thai. Another excellent combat sport you can choose today is Muay Thai. In this case, a lot of emphasis is put on kicking your adversary, especially using your shin. The professional Muay Thai instructors might also help you condition your shin, so that it becomes stronger and more resistant to powerful kicks. If you practice this sport for a long period of time, you will learn how to hit your opponent with immense power, how to be more disciplined in your daily life and how to escape alive from an unwanted, but tough physical confrontation.

4. BJJ. Last but not the least, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is all about ground fighting and grappling techniques. Did you know that most street fights which are longer than a couple of seconds end up as ground fights? Therefore, if you are not very tall and you live in a pretty dangerous neighborhood, this type of combat sport will prepare you for the worst. You will learn how to safely and quickly neutralize taller and stronger opponents without having to bulk your body with muscle. Excellent for women and kids too!

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of combat sports and you are able to make the best decision if you want to practice such physical activities in the near future. If you want more professional help then you are welcome at our gym. We offer courses of different combat sports at affordable prices and our instructors are also very friendly and experienced as well!

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