Deciding what extra curricular activity your child should enroll in can often be a difficult decision for parents. You might want something fun, but also challenging and stimulating in many ways. A martial art is a perfect activity for a child, as it trains your body, mind, and soul. Martial arts, like Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), is not just a fun activity for your children. While martial arts can and should be a lot of fun, they also will equip your children with extremely important and valuable life skills, which will inevitably carry into adulthood. Here’s why your kids should practice a martial art:

More active

This is the most obvious reason why your children should practice a martial art, is that it will get them fit and healthy! Specifically with Muay Thai and BJJ, your child will improve their cardio, balance, stamina, and strength – all key components to being healthier and active! Classes are fun and dynamic, offering a range of exercises that focus on different areas that will improve your child’s overall health and fitness level.



Confidence and self-esteem

A great martial arts school will give your child the tools to succeed in other areas of their life. Practicing any martial art gives children the confidence and self-esteem that will be beneficial to them in other areas. Confidence comes from being able to learn and grow, especially through a belt ranking system. Children will feel proud about finally mastering that new move or technique, and this sense of accomplishment will follow them wherever they go!



Increased sense of respect

Bowing, touching gloves and giving each other high fives to teammates and instructors, are all ways of saying “thanks,” and showing respect to each other. Additionally, Muay Thai and BJJ are martial arts that need to be practiced with a partner. This will allow your child to develop a sense of respect for the people they are working with, because you need your teammates in order to succeed yourself! This is a great tool and learning experience your children can take away into their actual schools and into the rest of their lives.



Increased self discipline

Muay Thai and BJJ require an adequate amount of self-discipline. It starts from being able to focus on what the instructor is teaching and using those directions to work through the class. This along with coming to class with a uniform, and respecting the school’s rules and traditions will translate into other areas of life.


Overcoming difficulties

Muay Thai and BJJ both teach you how to literally take a hit and keep going. In life, your children will take many “hits,” and will have to learn to get back up each time. Muay Thai and BJJ are perfect for instilling this mindset into your child as it will make overcoming obstacles seamless and easy.


Overall, martial arts are a great after-school activity for your child and/or children. The training required to learn Muay Thai and BJJ will help your child succeed in all aspects of their life. Muay Thai and BJJ are not just physical activities, they are activities that allow your child to be stimulated in many different ways. The benefits of martial arts are great for children of all ages, and will follow them through their youth, and additionally through adulthood! What’s better than that?


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