Boxing is a very popular combat sport and martial arts style. Unlike most martial arts styles, boxing only requires the use of the arms. However, that does not make a boxer inferior to other martial art practitioners. Boxers are the strongest and most lethal punchers in the whole martial arts world. But though considered as a tough sport, it can be learned by anyone – men, women, and even kids. Here are the perks of learning boxing.


Lets you lose weight easily

A lot of people try to learn boxing because it is a martial arts style which helps people easily lose weight. A regular boxing training day consists of numerous fat-burning routines, punching sessions, and twists and turns. So many have succeeded in losing a lot of weight through boxing and these include famous celebrities. Boxing lets you lose weight while having fun at the same time.

Excellent for the heart

Heart disease is among the top killers among men and women all over the world. But it could be prevented through a healthy diet and exercise. Boxing will require you to do a lot of cardiovascular routines including jumping ropes, jogging, and running among others. Such routines can really help improve blood flow and you could have a healthier heart.

Encourages muscle build up

Another good thing about boxing is that it encourages muscle build up. As you train for speed and agility, you will not prevent yourself from working out muscles that you have never worked out before. Also, you will need muscles to deliver stronger punches as well as provide protection against the blows of your opponent. Your trainer can help you build bigger muscles especially if you are planning to qualify for a weight category.

Allow you to have defensive skills

Since boxing is a form of martial arts, learning it would help you develop defensive skills. Who says that boxers could not defend themselves? Any boxer who knows how to punch properly is a lean and mean machine. A few punches from a boxer can bring down and even hospitalize anybody threatening his life. And as a lot of people say, “offense is the best defense.” A boxer’s offensive skills will be enough to be used for defense.

Provides a great sport and hobby

As mentioned earlier, boxing is a combat sport. You can test your boxing skills by joining different competitions at home or even abroad. Who knows? If you prove yourself to be excellent in the ring, you could even represent the country in big events such as the Olympics. And I you really love boxing and make it your life, you could even become a professional boxer.

Boxing is truly a wonderful combat sport and martial arts style. If you are interested to learn it, you can train at Lanna MMA. Our trainers are very qualified to teach boxing and they could help you reach your goals whether you want to lose weight or you want to build muscles. You would be able to train at a non-intimidating atmosphere.

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