The Most Complete MMA Classes in the Greater Toronto Area

Here at Lanna MMA we offer some of the most complete classes in the GTA. The seasoned instructors here at Lanna MMA believe that a true martial artist is capable in all areas of self defense, whether it be standing or on the ground. That’s why we offer complete classes in boxing, Muay Thai, wrestling, strength and conditioning and circuit training.

MMA Classes Toronto

We encourage all of our students to build up a full repertoire of fighting techniques to gain the skills they need to successfully mix martial arts and styles.  Lanna MMA believes in providing students with all of the skills they need to truly become complete mixed martial arts, and with our talented cast of instructors here in Toronto we are able to offer the most complete MMA classes.

Our MMA Instructors

Kru Mel Bellissimo

Lanna’s striking is under the tutelage of Kru Mel Bellissimo, one of the most experienced and knowledgeable Muay Thai teachers in Toronto. Striking is the basis of all MMA, and with Kru Mel’s knowledge of boxing and Muay Thai there is no better instructor to learn from. Kru Mel has learned, practiced, and competed in Thailand furthering his mastery of the art. Kru Mel takes Muay Thai classes seriously and has designed Lanna MMA’s entire Muay Thai curriculum.

His attention to detail and unwavering focus translates through his teaching, with his Toronto students often gaining a great deal of his mental fortitude. He takes pride in his MMA classes, ensuring that every student he takes on leaves having learned more about MMA than when they entered.

Fernando Zulick

Fernando Zulick is the head of the grappling program here at Lanna MMA, and has designed all of the MMA classes that involve groundwork.  Lanna MMA and Professor Fernando Zulick are in affiliation with Gringo jiu-Jitsu, with Fernando Zulick being a certified black belt in BJJ with over 19 years of BJJ instruction, training and coaching experience.

A native of Brazil, Fernando’s BJJ roots and lineage extend deep, having studied with BJJ master Helio Gracie. Having been featured in Gracie Mag, Fernando Zulick is an extremely recognized, dedicated, and competent instructor with a true passion for MMA. His MMA classes are top notch, with his attention to detail rivaling even that of Kru Mel. If you’re looking for quality MMA classes in Toronto, Lanna MMA is the school you need to attend.

Get in Shape with Lanna MMA’s Classes

  • A full body work out
  • Learn self defense in all forms
  • Practice under some of the most qualified instructors in all of Toronto, North York, and Vaughan
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