Although there is a big difference between MMA and bodybuilding, if you practice this thrilling combat sport then you will definitely gain more muscle mass and you will be in the best shape ever! MMA combines a series of fighting techniques which will help you develop pretty much all muscles in your body. Also, these fighting techniques are based on punching, kicking and grappling your adversary until you won the battle. Read this article and discover more about the MMA fundamentals.

1. Punching. It sounds easy and it makes you feel pretty good, right? Punching is the easiest thing to practice in MMA and boxing as well. There are also several types of punches like:

• Jab, when you hit with the arm which is closest to your adversary.

• Cross, also called rear-cross, is that powerful punch thrown with the hand which is furthest from the adversary.

• Uppercut, when you punch your enemy in the chin, thrusting your arm upwards.

In combat sports like MMA and boxing you will learn how to throw these punches correctly, how to maintain your balance, how to punch quickly and how to do combinations of punches too. During your training sessions, you will easily throw several hundred punches, so get ready because these sports are pretty intense!

2. Kicking. Although punching can be really devastating, you can hit with even more power if you kick correctly and in the right location. Kicking is particularly useful for fighters of an average or smaller height as it can help them win battles against larger opponents. There are many types of kicks to learn in MMA, including the roundhouse kick made famous by Chuck Norris.

However, in order to be able to do various kicks quickly and correctly, you need to stretch your muscles before and after your training sessions, otherwise you risk serious injuries. Have patience, follow the advice of your instructors and soon enough you will kick as powerful as a Ninja Turtle!

3. Grappling. Many battles in MMA are won thanks to correctly applied grappling techniques. If you will practice MMA in the future then you will learn how to put down your opponent and make use of a combination of locks, maneuvers and counters in order to neutralize him.

Grappling techniques are very useful in real life as well, in the case you are attacked by robbers or other malevolent people. Usually, street fights end up on the ground and if you have superior grappling skills then you have higher chances of survival.

In addition, a combat sport like MMA can positively influence other aspects of your life as well. For example, you will lose weight as MMA training sessions are pretty intense and physically demanding, you will develop more power and strength and you will also become a more confident person too.

If you want to give MMA a try then you are welcome at our fighting school! Our professionals have a lot of experience in this field and you also have the opportunity to try other combat sports such as Muay Thai, boxing and so on.

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