If you are a beginner in the style of Muay Thai or simply any MMA style, you need to stay focused especially on the basics so that you don’t get caught up with some of the cool things you see on TV. In fact, Muay Thai is not just about delivering those powerful punches, elbows, kicks and knees, it is more about how potent these strikes are and how accurately you land them on the opponent. Here Are Tips to Improve Muay Thai:

Have your eyes on your opponent

One thing you should know about Muay Thai is that any distraction can lead to a knockout. It is prudent to maintain your eyes and have your focus on your opponents at all times. And you want to be smart even as you maintain your focus. Also, learn from your colleagues; you might find some focusing their gaze on the head of their opponents but end up giving low kicks towards their lower legs.

Maintain your guard up

When attacking, never drop your guard. It does not matter whether you are an aggressive fighter or not; maintain the guard. You have to defend yourself whenever you are attacking, and as any warrior you don’t want to give an opening to your opponent.

Do you turn your face away?

Just like it is important to maintain your focus and eyes on your opponent, it is also prudent to avoid turning your face away especially when attacking. Beginners have the tendency of turning their faces away and it is one of the biggest mistakes among the Muay Thai fighters. When you do this, you lose focus and this can impact negatively on your strikes even if they connect.

Don’t tense

You are advised to remain relaxed until the moment of impact comes. For your information, this skill has a huge difference between an advanced Muay Thai fighter and a beginner. And you want to be smarter; look for your opponent so they become tensed before starting their strikes. Some are not good, so you will be able to capitalize on this and throw your strikes comfortably.

Thinking of trying something you have never tried before?

Muay Thai is a fight that employs several different techniques and strikes. But it is imperative to avoid using a technique or strikes that have never been seen before. However, if it is a new technique, spend about 45 minutes of your time to learn it before using it in a real fighting situation. If you stick to the basics and what you know, you will have an easy time in this discipline.

These tips are meant to help you in Muay Thai and if followed, you will quickly turn into an advanced Muay Thai fighter and win a number of matches in the process. If you are looking to win several Muay Thai matches or are just a beginner, LannaMMA can help you reach your goals. We have qualified and skilled trainers who ensure that everyone’s dreams come true. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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