Believe it or not, different types of combat sports such as boxing or MMA actually incorporate a lot of mind and thinking techniques as well, in addition to physical techniques. In other words, it is very important to be in control of your mind too, not only your body, when facing an opponent in the ring or in the sports gym. If you are a beginner and you want to learn some interesting aspects related to this subject then put the following techniques into practice.

1. Try to eliminate your fears. Fear is something normal in most cases and different people feel it in a variety of ways. Basically, some people are more afraid than others, even if they face weaker or smaller opponents. Make sure that you try to control your fear, not the other way around. Although at first your fears might feel like hot pitch through your body, slowing you down and confusing you, try to fight this emotion, try to remember what you have learned and put it into practice. Don’t let it control your mind or the fight is almost lost already!

2. Try to never rush your attack. Apply this technique whether you face a larger, stronger opponent or not. Make sure that you always follow your routine and you don’t get distracted that easily by your adversary. Also, attack from proper balance and don’t try to rush your moves or fighting techniques. It will only betray certain insecurities which might get exploited by a professional, more experienced fighter.

3. Push your body to the limits. Well, not at the point where you would get injured, but don’t give up at the first scratch either. Keep in mind that although you might be tired, sweaty, dizzy and your arm hurts like hell, the fight is not over. Chances are that your opponent might feel the same, so try to stick in the battle for longer and continue to do your game. Great fights might be won in a matter of seconds if you know how to do the right moves and you have proper timing.

4. A fight is not over until you hear the bell. In a similar fashion, if you feel that you are winning already and you consider your opponent weak and beaten, you are doing him a great service. Never lower your guard, never lose your focus and never soften your fighting style until you hear the bell which announces the end of the game, not even if your opponent is already on the floor and maybe bleeding. Assuming that your opponent is beaten is your biggest mistake, one which might cost you the game.

These are slightly complicated fighting aspects which should be tried gradually, until you learn their true meaning. However, only by reading them you might already got inspired and you might put them into practice in your following match. By the way, if you want to train and learn from the professionals, join our combat sports club and we will help you become the fighter you have always wanted to be!

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