What is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)?

BJJ Toronto Brazilian jiu-jitsu or BJJ is a form of martial art that promotes the concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend against a bigger, stronger assailant. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a wonderful martial art for anyone to learn, with the focus of BJJ being more on proper technique, leverage, ground work, joint-locks and chokeholds. In Toronto, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a rapidly rising martial art with competitions being held regularly, city-wide. While BJJ is a martial art, it’s more than that as well. BJJ has become a sport; it’s a way of promoting physical fitness and building character in young people.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the Martial Art for you

BJJ is a martial art that everyone can learn. You don’t need to be the biggest or strongest person in the world to be successful. Brazilian jiu-jitsu has been incredibly successful in the UFC, and it can be for you as well. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a true full-body work out. You will use every muscle in your body in BJJ, making you into a fitter and more confident person.

BJJ is more than just the physical side of martial arts, there’s an attention to detail that you just can’t find anywhere else. Brazilian jiu-jitsu increases your focus, provides stress relief and promotes mental fortitude. Whether you’re an amateur in the world of MMA, or a pro, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is the martial art for you.

How is BJJ Different from Jiu Jitsu?

People often ask us what the difference is between Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Jiu Jitsu. Though they are similar, Jiu Jitsu focuses more on self-defence and controlling your opponent. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu includes those aspects, but then includes more ground fighting techniques and opponent submission. Lanna MMA incorporates aspects of Jiu Jitsu, especially in beginner classes as it provides a good basis for expanding into the more advanced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighting techniques.

Lanna MMA’s Jiu-Jitsu Training

  • Focuses on skill and leverage, not size and strength
  • Full body fitness
  • Sharpen your focus and attention to detail

Gringo BJJ Toronto      Toronto BJJ   BJJ Toronto | Professor Fernando Lanna MMA

Lanna MMA is a Step Above the Rest

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is an extremely technical martial art, with your ability to perform various techniques being the sole determinant of your skill. If you want to learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu, you need a gym with true professionals and decades of experience who can effectively teach you the ins and outs of BJJ. Here at Lanna MMA we are proud to have an affiliation with Gringo jiu-jitsu and Professor Fernando Zulick. With a very short lineage to Helio Gracie himself, Fernando Zulick is among the best Jiu Jitsu instructors in Canada.

BJJ Instructor Fernando Zulick

Fernando Zulick is the primary instructor here at Lanna MMA and is a true Brazilian jiu-jitsu expert with over 19 years of BJJ instruction, training and coaching experience. He, along with all of our instructors, compete in tournaments across the GTA and far beyond. With lineage just three generations from Helio Gracie himself, Fernando Zulick is a true master of Brazilian jiu-jitsu with a passion for the art and a long list of happy and successful students.


  • Over 19 years of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu experience
  • Black belt in BJJ under Sylvio Behring
  • Lineage: Helio Gracie – Flavio Behring – Sylvio Behring – Fernando Zulick
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