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picture of a girl throwing a punch with hand wraps and throwing the same punch with gloves on, side by side. The girl is a boxing student at Lanna MMA located in Vaughan and North York One of the oldest sports in history, Boxing has gained popularity in recent years for its intense, high energy, and effective fitness and weight loss benefits. A typical 1 hour class can burn up to 800 calories. In addition to its incredible fitness benefits this class is also a great stress release. Punching the bags and pads not only burns calories, develops lean muscle, melts away fat, but also helps ease and relax mind, something we all need in our busy stressful lives.



The Lanna MMA Boxing Program in Vaughan, North York, & Woodbridge: 

Student working on a left hook on the punching bag during his boxing class at Lanna MMA in North York and VaughanOur Boxing classes are a great place to introduce you to your basic self defense system. In an encouraging environment you will learn the essential fundamentals of hand striking. This program is the best way to complete your MMA striking. Classes are technique based, and focus on foot work, full body strength, speed and conditioning.

The Lanna Boxing program is curriculum based. The curriculum aims to develop key boxing skills and fundamentals through a series of well planned/calculated  lesson plans. The curriculum was developed by Master Boxing Coaches, Richard Atkinson and William Grant. These two coaches together have over 70 years of boxing and coaching experience. Both coaches have trained amateur and pro champions.

You will enjoy drills and pad work, as well as self defense techniques and great cardio workout to help lose weight while gaining skills.

Led by experienced instructors with fighter’s credentials, that know how to offer the best to anyone at any level.

Don’t count the days, make the days count.” – Muhammad Ali


More About  Coach William Grant, One of the Top Coaches in Vaughan, North York, & Woodbridge:

Coach William L. Grant is the head instructor of the Lanna MMA Boxing program. With over thirty-five years of experience Coach Grant is a master of fitness, self defense, boxing and combatives. Previously serving in the army as military drill sergeant, physical education instructor, and unarmed combat instructor, it is apparent why Coach Grant has had so much success developing athletes, leadership, and mentoring amateur, professional, and Olympic athletes. Coach Grant was one of the Coaches in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens Greece. This is the pinnacle of success and Coaching in amateur boxing.









  • Beginner friendly technique options
  • Enhance your cardio with interval training
  • Improve hand-eye coordination
  • Decrease stress
  • Improve body composition

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Series of different photos in a collage of student in boxing classes at Lanna MMA locvated in the Vaughan & North York Area. Students are doing a variety of activities from wrapping their hands to hitting a bag and hitting pads

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