At Lanna MMA we believe that Martial Arts is about more than teaching kids how to punch, kick, and defend themselves. It is about character, social, and physical development through engaging in activities and games, and learning new skills! As martial arts teachers, we are community partners and believe that we have the responsibility to serve the community! Therefore Lanna MMA conducts monthly community seminars to educate and protect the kids in the community! Some seminars that we host include Anti Bullying, Stranger Danger, Healthy Eating and Living, Martial Arts For Better Grade etc.

“We believe that is our responsibility to educate your kids and teach them how to be productive leaders in the community. It is our responsibility to ensure that your kids receive not only the best martial arts education possible, but also teach them to understand the power and consequences of decisions and choices they make.”
– Paul Silveira (Lanna MMA Program Director)

Our most popular community seminar has been our famous Lanna Kids Anti Bullying and Bully Proofing Seminar!

BULLYING! That dreaded word that we all hate and fear so much! The term that kids fear/dread and parents hope they never have to deal with!

Bullying has become an epidemic among children in Canada. The bullying is defined as hurtful, discriminatory, or mean behavior towards someone else. Bullying not only occurs in school settings, but also in social settings, sports settings, and on the internet. One in five Canadian youth report being bullied regularly and approximately 1 in 3 people experience or confront bullying in some form at one time of their life. The effects are often long lasting and in some cases devastating. Bullying may take several different forms including physical, verbal, relational and cyber. Each of these types may have devastating physical, emotional, and/or psychological effects on its victims.



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