There is absolutely no guarantee when some mad man may try to attack you. The world is full of weirdoes, so be careful. However, it’s not possible to remain locked inside your house forever. Sooner or later you’ll need to face the big bad world. It won’t disappear simply because you’ve ceased to be a part of it. What you need is courage and a killer instinct. Walk those streets like a predator, not like someone’sprey.Hoodlums should curse their stars for ever tangling with you. Here are a few self-defense tips that will turn the tables on your attacker.

Zap and burn

If you’ve seen spy thrillers, you may have noticed how many weapons they carry on their person. They’re like a walking armory. This same principle can help you defend yourself. We know you can’t carry fire arms or spy gadgets. You’ll need someone like ‘Q’to get your hands on that kind of stuff. However, you can always carry a Taser or mace.Wait for the opportune moment and use the element of surprise, because you’ll only have one shot.

Security through obscurity


Sometimes the simplest things can be used to save your life. You can’t carry a knife because it’s illegal, but no one has outlawed pens yet.If used correctly, a pen can serve the same purpose as a knife. I don’t think I need to get into the specifics of how you can defend yourself with a pen,just get creative. When you’re being attacked, uncap your pen and show your attacker exactly why the pen is mightier than the sword.

Prevent App-rehension

Your smartphone is capable of so much more than you use it for. Social networking is only the tip of the iceberg. There arevarious self-defense apps available for download,including one that teaches the deadly discipline of Krav Maga. You can even download an app that sends a panic signal to the authorities when you’re in trouble. Your attackers will take to their heels when they see the cavalry arrive.

From dusk till dawn

It’s pretty basic, but also very important. You don’t know what manner of evil lurks in the shadows, so it’s best to avoid it. Dark alleyways and deserted areas make perfect crime scenes, you’ll know this if you’ve watched CSI. Try not to venture out alonein the dark, and if you absolutely need to, take a guard dog along with you.Did I say guard dog? I meant a hell hound,the kind that people cross the street to avoidand who can scare the bejesus out of even the most hardened criminals.

A good old fashion whoopin

Prevention is good, but aggression is better. Tasers and apps will only take you so far, to really kick some butt, learn martial arts. Master the deadliest fighting styles known to man, so you don’t have to carry aroundstationary equipment to defend yourself. When in trouble, unleash your fury on the attacker.Ultimately,your attacker will be the one who needs rescuing.

Abiding by these rules will keep you safe and sound in the toughest of neighborhoods. Pretty soon, you’ll be the only dangerous thing left on the streets.

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