Muay Thai is a combat sport that originated from Thailand. This sport involves full body contact which includes, but is not limited to, the usage of fists, limbs, elbows, knees, foot and one’s back. Strong physical and mental discipline is needed during its training as the exercise can get physically demanding.

Muay Thai rose to international fame and popularity in recent years and it even has its own professional league. Proper Muay Thai training can improve an individual’s skills and physique, but if one trains without proper guidance, it could cause injury and harm to the individual.  Here are the top 5 Muay Thai drills that can be used for strength and conditioning purposes, for the aspiring or novice individual who is looking into learning and practising Muay Thai!


Sprinting is a form of stamina training. In sprints, runners try not to slow down for the entirety of the distance they run. The aim here is that by doing multiple sets of sprints, it increases the individual’s stamina so that he or she will not be tired easily during a real match. Individuals can also place weights around their waist or legs and do a resisted sprint. This increases their leg and body strength too, as well as bulks up and strengthens their abdominal muscles. It should be noted that sprinting is an intensive exercise and adequate breaks should be taken after every sprint to ensure the individual has sufficient rest.

Front squats

Doing front squats are an excellent way of increasing strength and condition of one’s lower body. Front squats strengthen the trunk and the lower body, improves hip, ankle and improves knee mobility. This allows the fighter to make quicker or sharp maneuvers in the ring as well as being more nimble.

Dead lifts

Dead lifts train the back, adnominal and arm muscles and strengthening one’s core at the same time. When done properly, individuals will find that they will be able to lift heavy items that they will be unable to do before. In Muay Thai, this is useful as a fighter may have to, at times, lift the opponent up. With proper dead lift training, the fighter will be able to do so. It is recommended to do dead lifts in sets and not tire oneself out by dead lifting continuously, as this may cause injury to the body.

Pull ups

Pull ups are beneficial in a Muay Thai fighter’s training. Pull ups are great for improving arm and shoulder strength which are all needed for a stronger upper body. Weighted pull ups also increase an individual’s core strength to support his or her own weight better.

Power boxing

This is an excellent way of training when one is at home. A sandbag or punching bag is used and the aspiring fighter will pretend that the sandbag is his or her opponent. The fighter can then perform punches, kicks and other sparring moves. The best way to improve is to train and with power boxing, fighters have all the time in the world to practise and hone their skills in the comfort of their own home as a form of enrichment from their usual training – like doing one’s homework.

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