Muay Thai is a popular combat sport that originated in Thailand. The sport offers a type of martial arts that employs stand-up striking and different clinching techniques. The western world is increasingly displaying a great fondness for this martial art and fitness activity, with Muay Thai attracting many famous celebrities, who seem to recognize something special about this combat sport.

Some of the known action stars that have shown Muay Thai fighting styles in media production include Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Steven Seagal, JetLi, Cynthia Rothrock, and Jean Claude van Damme. Here is a review of four well-known personalities in Muay Thai:


1. Stephan Fox

Stephan Fox is a former Muay Thai world champion, born in Germany in 1963. He has been involved in ring sports from a tender and Muay Thai in the late 1970s. Stephan has managed to win many competitive titles, including the World titles, South Pacific and Intercontinental titles, rising from a student star to a trainer of champions.

Today, Stephan is an executive in the sports world. He is a recognized personality in the world of Muay Thai as speaker and mentor, as well as an advocate of Thailand’s national combat sport and art. Although educated in Germany and Australia, Stephan Fox resides in Thailand where he plays a pivotal role in championing the growth of Professional (WMC) and Amateur (IFMA) Muay Thai.

2. Kru Mark DellaGrotte

Kru M. DellaGrotte is a former Muay Thai champion in Thailand, who began his MMA training at an early age. His initial studies involved classical MMA, such as Shodokan, Tai-chi and Tae Kwon Do. The more his martial skills and athleticism grew, the more did his desire to advance his training in MMA. Mark has a worldwide reputation of breaking opponents down, having defeated Marcus Davis in 11 consecutive victories held in Octagon.

Furthermore, he is responsible from taking Kenny Florian from a soccer player to a top ten world lightweight fighter. Today he is a recognized coach in MMA, as the owner of the Sityodtong Boston branch, in Somerville MA.

3. Kru Neil LeGallo

The above named individual is a respected fighter and instructor of Muay Thai and currently owner of the Sityodtong North Shore Branch, MA. He received his training since 1996 from the earlier mentioned Kru M. DellaGrotte when the Sityodtong was referred to as “The Multi Culture Martial Arts center.” Furthermore, in 1999, Kru Neil travelled with Kru M. to Thailand to train.

The trip granted Kru Mark the appointment to promote, conserve and teach Thai Style of boxing in North America, under “Sityodtong” moniker. At the time, Kru Neil LeGallo concentrated on the Thai Boxing. He took many trips to and from Thailand to receive training at the Sityodtong Pattaya and fought both professional and amateur Muay Thai, in North America. In 2005, he changed his focus to training Muay Thai.

4. King Prachao Sua

King Prachao Sua enjoyed competing in Muay Thai. During the “Tiger King” Era, he managed to enter various tournaments in small villages and cities, disguised as a commoner. King Prachao had to disguise himself because the people in Thailand held the king in high regard so that out of respect for him, no one would dare fight him. Hence, he was allowed to engage in tournaments against many notable fighters. According to legend, King Prachao defeated many fighters, including three well-known fighters: Killing Fists (Nai Klan Madthai), Strong Fists (Nai Lek Madnok) and Fists of Iron (Yai Madklek).

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